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Aesthetic TikTok Logo: Everything You Should Know About It

You Should Know About Aesthetic TikTok Logo

TikTok is just like an entertainment platform. It has achieved over 800 million users from around the world where they make use of unique features to entertain the public. The use of the platform is mainly for participating in the creative challenges.

Just like the other social media platforms, TikTok became the number one choice of several global users. Its popularity among youngsters is really high. Thus, the platform is making everyone move on to the audience’s choice, where they present their skills differently.

The social media app has some things common like other platforms. It has emphasized more on branding rather than enhancing the feels. Like the aesthetic Instagram logo, TikTok also came up with the logo design, which delivers a different message to the audience—music and entertainment.

Do you know the background of the aesthetic TikTok logo design? It is ok if you don’t know exactly what I am trying to say. This article can help you understand better what I actually mean.

Keep reading this article to get an idea about the logo design of TikTok and some hidden facts that nobody knows.

History Of TikTok

In 2016, Chinese tech giant ByteDance launched Douyin for the first time to create short videos. In one year, the service reached 100 million users and was introduced to the global markets under a new name – TikTok.

In the meantime,, a similar application launched in the US in 2014, was becoming the audience’s first choice. The users can create lip sync videos or dance videos of 15 seconds.

The next year, ByteDance purchased for $1 billion. Both platforms were located side by side: in the US and TikTok in other overseas markets. But a year later, ByteDance announced a platform merger with a mission to build a community where everyone can be creative. With this step, all the accounts were automatically transferred to the new platform.

This gave the users access to the new features which combined both TikTok and

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Get To Know More About Aesthetic TikTok Logo Design

TikTok’s mission was a great inspiration for its logo designer. It strived to create an aesthetically appealing logo that would attract the talented people to the platform.

At this time, the brand identity of the social media app didn’t change. A vibrant note showing the app’s relevance to music has been a logo from the very beginning. Let’s take a deeper dive into TikTok’s logo design and its brand identity:

1. Colors

Snapchat compare TikTok logo

Similar like the aesthetic snapchat logo, TikTok has the same concept but with a different mindset. The logo is a tricolor note (pink, blue, and white) on a black field. This is no accident: the young designer behind the concept was inspired by a rock concert with a dark hall and a lighted stage. A distinctive feature of the emblem is that it looks three-dimensional: neon colors are superimposed, which means musical vibrations.

Besides the classic version, there are three other color palettes with a white, pink and blue background.

2. Font

logo fonts TikTok

The designer of the company logo design preferred a simple font i.e. Sans Serif font.

In the beginning, the name consisted of two separate words, Tik and Tok. The space between them was later removed, but it still capitalizes both parts of the word. When these words were put together, the font became more rounded and the “i” point was no longer square.

Now when you notice aesthetic TikTok profile pictures and other videos with its logo on, the font is quite visible. It shows how the brand emerged in the community with a simple theme and enhanced color scheme.

3. Favicon

Favicon Tiktok

If you look at the TikTok symbol, you will come to know that it has a brand name and an image.

Since it used the logo for the low resolution favicon, they have removed the text from it. The icon looks like a note in a black box.

You can also have the same design for your brand logo. Acquire the best logo design services and let them create an appealing logo just like an aesthetic WhatsApp logo.

4. App Icon

app icon tiktok

The app icon is the same as the favicon: a colored sticky note on a black square with beveled corners. Contrast does the trick and sets the icon apart from the rest on the screen.

Some companies like TKDigitals are really professional in creating the best logo for different brands. Even if you place an order for an aesthetic TikTok logo in pastel color, you will achieve excellent work by the recognized designers.

Obviously, giving a chance is risky, but what if the designer produces the best logo just as you asked for it?

Logo Designer’s Verdict

When creating a complete logo, the designer wanted it not only to be different from other home screen apps but also to match the user experience on TikTok. He wanted it to be cool and stimulating.

If you think the aesthetic TikTok logo pfp is designed exactly the way the designer wanted to see? I believe it is close to his expectations because the minimal the logo design, the higher the aesthetic value it has.

Final Thoughts

Every element of corporate identity, from colors to symbols, represents the brand’s concept – simplicity and creativity. The minimalism of the logo makes it easy to adapt to various purposes, such as favicon and app icon. This article completely tells you about how TikTok’s logo emerged and became the best design. Every brand tends to have a logo that is unique and communicable. Since the designer here was way too smart and picky, it chose to have this logo for the company and it really outshined.

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