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Top 5 Animation And Motion Design Trends For 2022


Top 5 Animation And Motion Design Trends For 2022

Graphics of motion dominate marketing across many of the great industries and businesses types, from subtle in the animation of the app to videos which are fully promotional. Also in organizations that were expected to appear more traditionally opt for creativity manifested in the animated inspirational videos and also the other types of fun motion design. In animation, whiteboard animation services are also trending.

 Let’s look at the motion and animation graphics trends that are predicted to rule the next year (2022).

Top 5 trends of motion and animation

Mixing of 2D and 3D

This year, 2D and 3D animation services are still combined in videos frequently. Many designers are combining them, and claiming that they add a sense of unique style to a video and make it more memorable and engaging for viewers. 

One of the most common manifestations of this trend is 3D and 2D animation services incorporation. And also the incorporation of over-layers of 2D with movement. This is a great kind of technique, which is not only able to be used in large-budget advertisement videos but also essential to use in small-scaled digital ads.

Liquid motion and morphing

Morphing helps to return the animation to its organic situation. It provides a process called the frame-by-frame process that  breaks down involves shapes to the appearance of liquid-like and blending seamlessly the elements out and in. The liquid elements combination and smooth timing make transitions of morphing, which is pleasing extremely to the audience.

Morphing elements and liquids, appearing surreal and dreamlike, to make them ideal for loops and short animation, mainly in captivating advertisements. 

Restricted palette colors

Laconism is where the lives of poetry are, and with the help of this, you say a lot with a few simple words. The same words are said about colors. It also emerged as one of the most popular illustration digital trends. With a limited color, spectrum animation appears sophisticated and simple at the same time. Only the use of only a few colors to reveal the character and mood of a kind of illustration challenges an artist. The limited color palette despite the masterful animation creation may appear very outstanding and appealing. Such animations exude frequently a sense of nostalgia and retro.

The thin line of animation

This simple approach is just as appealing as flash and brightness. The lines draw great attention to the imagery and shapes on-screen, making it one of the great options.

These thin lines serve a variety of purposes in the video. They define shapes, directions and even set the mood. On the other hand, thin lines play an interesting role in 2020. Many of the artists try to create great animations. Which look like the real hand-drawn pictures by making them super-thin lines with extra distinctiveness. It provides a distinct look in the video.

The use of linear art in animated videos is one of the most adorable trends in 2021. Many companies have already attempted to demonstrate the power of this trend in explainer and promotional videos. We expect this trend to be popular in 2022 as well.

Virtual reality animation

The Virtual reality (VR) is growing rapidly form of immersive, in the entertainment of cutting-edge. VR in the 1990s was known as a great fun, and almost gimmicky form of entertainment digitally that thrived within the community of gaming. 

Which began as gaming in future arcades and virtual sports arenas, has evolved into a tool capable of the mainstream to producing professional, media of high quality in a completely new way.  Instead of modeling as a 3D on a screen, in the thick of it, you’re creating it to scale everything.


All of these following animation trends not only make your digital asset engaging but this is also going to be very beneficial for search engine optimization(SEO). Some of the Google favors websites where users spend more time in comparison to others.

In my opinion, all of this information provides you a great kind of benefit, which helps you to lead in digital marketing. And if you are an animation services provider, you have a great chance to follow these steps and make your business lead.


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