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Announcement Of Steam Deck And Shipping Date

Steam Deck

A piece of good news for the gaming nation with the arrival of Steam Decks for a better gaming experience. Gamers familiar with Nintendo and Nintendo Switch will have the benefit to utilize this Steam Deck due to its similar functionality and appearance. Valve Corporation carried out the announcement of this newly arrived “Steam Deck” just today.

Valve Corporation is one of the best gaming production corporations having won more than 50 games of the year awards with the game we all know – Half-Life. Moreover, Valve Corporation is a master in gaming with games like Portal, Portal 2, Half-life 2, one of my favorite games CS-GO and the famous multiplayer game of this era – Dota 2.


Anything a gamer is pumped about or excited about the functionalities of any newly arrived device suitable for gaming is its functionalities. Steam Deck comprises:

  1. AMD APU – Accelerated Processing Unit
  2. Quad-core – Zen 2 CPU
  3. 8 compute units
  4. Accelerated Processing Unit – RDNA 2 graphics
  5. 16GB – LPDDR5 RAM
  6. Different storage tiers
  • 64GB eMMC storage costing 399$ only.
  • 256GB NVMe SSD storage costing 529$ only.
  • 512GB of high-speed NVME SSD storage costing 649$ only.
  1. MicroSD card slot.
  2. 2.4-3.5GHz – with 448 GFlops and FP32
  3. 1.0-1.6GHz – up to 1.6 TFlops-FP32
  4. 1280 x 800px with 16:10 AR-aspect ratio
  5. 7″ LCD optically secured.
  6. Bluetooth 5.0!
  7. Wi-Fi Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • With 2.4 GHz and amazing 5GHz plus 2 by 2 MIMO
  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac


Steam Deck


These features will boost the experience of gamers. The announcement was held by Valve Corporation on steam:

“ Valve Corporation held a partnership with AMD to develop Steam Deck’s APU, highly optimized for gaming in hand. RDNA 2 powerhouse + Zen 2 delivers performance better than your experience to run the new AAA games efficiently. “

Moreover, Valve Corporation says:

“Extended thumbsticks on Steam Deck for sessions of play that are extended. With the advantage of the availability of the owner’s library when logging on the Steam Deck.”

Valve Corporation – Experts in game development and experience:

Every domain consists of its experts like any top-ranked company that provide the best SEO services for your business. Similarly, Valve Corporation provides the best gaming experience and devices. The games are mainly on steam are Half-life, Dota 2, CS-GO, and multiple famous steam games.

This time Valve Corporation approached for a device instead of gaming since the device is of the same importance to enjoy the games from Valve Corporation. The Steam Deck consists of several control options. Two thumbsticks also with two track-pads similar to Steam controllers and small in size, placed under the thumbsticks efficiently. These two thumbsticks are provided for a better experience while playing first-person games mostly shooting.

The front side facing the user is embedded with ABXY buttons, a 7-inch touchscreen – 1280 x 800, and D-pad. Moreover, the Steam Deck has a gyroscope control for games like Players Unknown battleground.

Similar to Switch, two shoulder triggers are provided on each side of the Steam Deck by Valve Corporation, and that is not it, 4 back buttons – 2 on each side of the Steam Deck. Yes, you heard it right and a built-in microphone to enhance the communication with your teammates.

Battery Life of Steam Deck:

For gamers playing continuously for hours under parental supervision, battery power of 40 watts/hour is provided to help you play for multiple hours. Valve Corporation states that, for games like 2D gaming or web browsing and streaming, the battery life in the Steam Deck of 7 to 8 hours is increased. Moreover, If you want to play games like portal 2, after limiting it to 30 FPS, you can easily enjoy it for continuous hours.

Just how important it is for a website owner to hire SEM company to make his website amazing. Valve Corporation made Sleep mode just like laptops are provided to let you continue from wherever you want from last time and this is something Amazing!!

Completely developed Linux computer:

The Steam Deck is still a developed Linus computer allowing technical users to enjoy this new device. Valve Corporation had this thing in mind and now you can easily plug a mouse, monitor, and keyboard too. You can easily install games from games stores. Web browsing can be enjoyed too.

Like, a business person is likely to hire PPC consultant to boost his business in the market. Similarly, Valve Corporation hires multiple experts in gaming to give you a better experience regarding gaming.

Valve Corporation tells us the Steam Deck’s functionalities are designed such that to allow regular Desktop’s steam app, chat, notifications, all of your library and cloud save support. Moreover, collections and favorites can be kept in sync.

Reservations and Purchases available:

Three versions of the Steam Deck are available for reservations from Friday afternoon. But, these will only be available to the accounts that have carried out purchases on steam before the date June 2021. The good part is, there is a $5 refundable fee on the reservation. But the reservation can only be one reservation per person. Keep in mind that the reservation that you are making does not confirm the preorder. This confirms that you are in queue to preorder the Steam Deck when it’s available in the market and inventory also.


In the United States of America, Europe, and the UK, the first Steam Deck items will be available in December 2021. The Steam Deck should also be in other areas in the year 2022. You can reserve your seat to pre-order from Friday afternoon and if you did not get the opportunity to pre-order the new Steam Deck then the reservation fees of 5$ will be refunded.

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