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March 19, 2021
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4 Best Examples Of Responsive Web Design Services

4 Top examples of responsive web design services

In recent years, responsive web design has reached the maximum level in the world of the internet. This is now a standard practice across the globe, which allows the designers to create a consistent but tailored experience on all devices, no matter what the shape and size are.

But do you know what exactly the responsive web design is? In this article, you will learn the responsive web design definition and some of the best responsive web design examples to help you create the one like that.

So, keep reading the post until you get there.

Responsive Web Design Definition

Responsive web design meaning covers three unique characteristics. If it includes these characteristics in a web design, it means it has satisfied the responsiveness.

So, let’s have a look at these important features:

Media Queries

Media queries for responsive web design

According to Marcotte, “A media query allows us to target not only certain device classes but to actually inspect the physical characteristics of the device rendering our work”.

Thus, media queries allow a website development company or developer to use conditional verification to change the web design based on the properties of the user’s device. This is better than just defining breakpoints in HTML / CSS, as it is an easier to use interface.

Fluid Grids

Fluid grids for responsive web design

With CSS, you can create responsive web design CSS grids. In this way, the columns are built and sized according to the screen or browser window. It can either be the size of 21 inches of desktop, 13 inches screen of laptop, 9.7 inches of tablet, and 5.5 inches of mobile phone screen.

This allows designers to keep a constant look at multiple devices. It also saves time and money, allowing designers to update one version of a website instead of many.

Flexible Visuals

Flexible Visuals for responsive web design

Here Marcotte talks about using code that prevents media files from over-sizing their containers and viewers. According to him, “the flexible container changes its size”, as well as the image inside it.

With over 8.48 billion unique devices in existence today, this functionality allows teams to create timeless designs that fit any device, regardless of size or shape.

Great Responsive Web Design Examples

1. Dropbox

dropbox - Best Example Responsive Web Design

Dropbox has done an excellent job of using the responsive grid and flexible views to create a remarkably responsive website. 

The key features of the responsive web design template is that it uses the font color that matches the background and switches only when the access changes from desktop to portable devices. Also, the image orientation changes, which makes the template the most interesting one.

Given the context, Dropbox provides a personalized experience to each use, no matter what the device is. For example, to prevent users from jumping up and down, a small arrow tells desktop users to scroll down to see more content.

The same arrow is missing on portable devices, as users are expected to scroll on a touch screen device. Likewise, their registration form is visible on desktop devices, but hidden behind the call button on tablets and mobile devices where space is limited.

You can find out such responsive web design tutorials on the internet and make your site closer to Dropbox.

2. GitHub

GitHub - Best Responsive Website Design

Across every device, you will notice a consistent experience by accessing GitHub website. However, there are a few differences you should not ignore:

When you switch from desktop to tablet devices, the area above the fold changes from a two-column layout to a single-column layout, with the copy above the entry form instead of next to it.

Unlike desktop and tablet devices, where the registration form is in the spotlight, GitHub has just a push button on mobile devices. It requires the users to click on the prompt to open the form.

They also remove the search bar on GitHub. Also, you will notice that its menu bar is hidden behind the hamburger icon on every portable device. This is a fairly common practice because it helps reduce clutter on mobile devices where space is limited.

The best thing about the site is that you can find similar responsive web design examples with source code on the internet.

3. Dribbble

Dribbble - Responsive Web Design Example

The Dribbble website presents one of the features of responsive web design bootstrap: a flexible network that shrinks from five columns on desktops and laptops to two columns on tablets and mobile phones.

To keep their site from cluttering up on mobile devices, Dribbble has discarded a few unnecessary items. For example, images are no longer assigned to their creator, and the number of views, comments, and appreciations is no longer nested under each article.

They also hid the menu behind the hamburger icon and removed the search bar. Such website design services are easily available if you find out the best website design company near you.

4. Magic Leap

Magic Leap - Best Web Design Example

Magic Leap has developed a parallel, simple and mobile scrolling site that brings to life their stunning illustrations. With mobile phones and tablets now accounting for 56.74% of global internet use, their approach makes sense.

The Magic Leap user interface is consistent across all devices, with one exception: a microcopy that allows users to scroll, which is found on desktops and tablets, but is excluded from mobile devices, where it is natural for users to scroll.

Even when connected to 3G, the website loads in seven seconds, well below the global average of 22 seconds. For a website with responsive animation, this is not too bad.

Final Thoughts

Now you must know the definition of a responsive web design. Also, you must be aware of some really outstanding examples. So, can you create one like these? If not, then it is okay too. You can still hire a web designer to help you with such a design. Also, don’t forget to check out some really amazing responsive web design tutorials which will definitely help you in creating one like anyone of these. Are you ready to give it a try?

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