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March 29, 2021
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March 31, 2021

10 Best Google Tag Manager Extensions To Work Effectively

Several new things took place in the industry lately. Years ago, a few tools were developed which helped marketers in performing different activities. This is the time when new tools are discovered and people are unaware of it.

If you are using the Google Tag manager for a long time, then you must be looking for a tag extension that will improve your performance, figure out the bugs for you, and give you the results without a delay.

In this article, you will come across the best google tag manager extensions and even how to use google tag assistant. So, let’s check it out.

Get To Know These Google Tag Extensions

10 Top Google Tag Extensions

1. Tag Assistant

Number one extension that you should be using this year is the tag assistant. The Google tag assistant browser extension is really impressive and useful for testing, troubleshooting, and deployment. The extension enables the user to troubleshoot the Google Tag Manager and makes it easy for you to check Google analytics, ads, DoubleClick, and other related tools.

If you don’t know how to use Google tag assistant, then you surely need a tutorial. With its powerful features, you can get everything in your hands just the way you want. Also, it has a powerful feature, recording, which makes you record a browsing session and then generate the report of it.

2. Data Slayer

The next entry in this list of Google Tag Manager extension Firefox and others is Dataslayer. It adds a toolbar to the web browser Developer Tools that tracks the tag management data layers and displays changes in an easy-to-read format.

The google tag extension supports both Google Tag Manager and Tealium.

3. Data Layer Sifter

Using the google tag manager extension Firefox, you can immediately find DOM elements along with their values at the data layer.

The SEO company experts use the tag extension to locate a specific DOM element in the data layer which is then used by the tag manager.

You can also check out Google Tag Manager tutorial for further details about Data Layer Sifter.

4. WASP (Web Analytics Solution Profiler)

Another important Google analytics tag manager extension on the list is WASP. The extension allows the user to view visual representation of the tags firing on the site and then figure out the correlation between them.

If you click on any tag in the extension, you will get to know the functions behind the tag. The WASP functionality allows you to navigate to the Google Tag Manager data tier, making it easier to troubleshoot Google Tag Manager and Universal Analytics deployments.

If you opt for any on-page SEO services, then the experts are likely to use the tool for their ease.

5. GTM Sonar

This extension, developed by Simo Ahava, makes it easy to combine clicks and form submissions. When this feature is enabled, links prevent redirection to another page, and form submissions do not refresh / redirect you to another page.

Why prevent an intended action on a click or form submission? It’s just, for debugging reasons, it’s best to stay on the same page. When you stop the default action, the links stop working, so you can easily check what is happening on the site and what data can be used for tracking.

6. Datalayer Inspector+

This is one of my new favorites. I love that the (Ad swerve) extension can embed your GTM container into a website, record what data they passed to the dataLayer, diagnose common problems, and offer many other features.

You can further check out more details in the google tag manager tutorial so that you can get pro in it.

7. GTM Variable Builder

Using GTM variable builder, you can easily create Javascript variables. It retrieves the values of desired elements on your site.

If you don’t know the google tag manager id or having issues in working it out, feel free to use the extension. Interestingly, several off-page SEO services opt for the extension for better coverage.

8. Data Layer Checker

Another extension that will make it easier to reconcile what is happening at the data layer. However, unlike Data Slayer or Data Layer Inspector, this add-on allows you to inspect the data layer without using the browser console.

Which is better, you ask? Well, it’s up to you. Try all 3 and find out which one best suits your needs. I like the Data Layer Inspector the most as it offers many other features as well, such as injecting a GTM container.

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9. Copy CSS Selector

If you regularly work with the Matches CSS Selector operator in Google Tag Manager, this extension is for you. Why is this useful? Whether you are struggling with CSS selectors or just want to save time, the Copy CSS Selector will do the job for you.

Simply right-click the site element you want to track, click the Copy CSS Picker, and paste it into the Google Tag Manager trigger.

Companies like TKDigitals prefer to use such extensions because they are far better than doing things manually.

10. CustomTask Builder

If you are not already familiar with the custom problem, you have to read the professional manual first. In short, customTask is a method in the Universal Analytics library that lets you run JavaScript code when you create an event request in Google Analytics.

There are many possible ways to customize a customTask. Some of them are: remove personal information from GA events, automatically minimize GA payload, and more. Since this feature has been improved, a renowned professional has developed a customTask Builder tool that will simplify the process.

You can obviously check your google tag manager status if you have any doubts.


All important things, even this list, must end. Hope you found the collection of Google Tag Manager extensions and tools useful. Have you noticed anything new? Try! Maybe you will like it. Now I just can’t function without using some or all of them in my life.

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