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March 8, 2021
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5 Best SEO Tools For YouTube To Rank Your Videos

5 Top SEO Tools for YouTube To Rank Your Videos

What do you think of YouTube? For some, it is an entertainment platform while for the others, YouTube provides informative content according to the user needs. This clears the perception regarding the platform that it is not limited to what we think of it.

YouTube is a video website where the users can upload, view, and share different types of videos without a hassle. It has served several purposes and continues to entertain huge social community on the internet.

If you have ever created a video and wanted a huge online community to watch your work, YouTube is the best platform to promote your creativity. However, it also requires certain marketing strategies to keep your work above the competition.

Again, it is difficult to rank your videos among several competitive videos on the platform. With affordable SEO services, you cannot only promote your videos across the platform but also rank the videos the same way as we do on the search engine.

Basically, YouTube itself is a search engine for videos. Hence, you can only let the audience come to your channel or video if it is optimized.

In this article, you will learn about the most important and free SEO tools for YouTube videos. It will help you in ranking the videos and achieve the effective results in the less time.

Best YouTube SEO Tools For 2021

Google Trends

Google Trends is the best YouTube video optimization tool that you can simply count on. It allows you to optimize the videos on the platform according to the audience’s interest. Since the content is too versatile, you can look for the strategies that make your videos viral across the social media.

Among several YouTube SEO tools 2020, Google Trends is recognized for having accurate features required for effective optimization. You can simply type your focus topic in YouTube search and set the filters accordingly.

Not only this, but Google Trends allow the marketer to perform competitive analysis. This is one of the features that make free SEO tools for YouTube videos stand out.

Google Ads

If you are looking for a YouTube keyword tool free, then Google Ads is something you should never neglect. Indeed, every best SEO company makes use of the tool to achieve the effective results. Don’t hesitate in using the tool and improving your video’s rank. It is free of cost and has multiple features that simply cater to your needs.

Quality SEO services always include Google Ads in their tools list because it has the best features and allows you to perform relevant SEO activities for your YouTube videos. If you are looking for a specific YouTube keyword tool, then this is the platform you should choose now.

The tool helps you to fetch as much keywords for your video as possible. It also has the option to filter out the keywords that you think can give you more accurate results. The best thing is that the tool is absolutely free to use.

Rank Tracker

Ranking a YouTube video is no more a challenge. Among YouTube SEO tools station, you will find Rank Tracker as the most useful tool. It gives you effective results for next-level keyword search. Not only this, but Rank Tracker facilitates to your analysis requirement in the less time.

Companies like TK Digitals use this YouTube video optimization tool to improve the ranking. The professionals consider it vital for several reasons. For instance, you can get immense ideas from YouTube suggestions, track the metrics for your video, and perform efficient keyword research at your ease.

Tracking rank of YouTube videos becomes easy with Rank Tracker. It lets you figure out the rank by running rank checker and find the keywords that let your video tag inside the featured snippet.


Here comes another YouTube video optimization tool that helps you in modifying the content by implementing the right SEO techniques. TubeBuddy is the platform where content optimization is just a matter of few clicks.

YouTube gives its users 48-hours time to optimize the metadata. If you miss this deadline, your video is marked less timely. This becomes really challenging for the user to put extra efforts to get back the results.

Well, TubeBuddy has everything for you. With its browser extension, you can easily enable video maintenance. Also, optimizing titles, meta description, tags, annotations, and cards are optimized according to the ranking factors.

You will not find any relevant YouTube SEO tools tag generator other than this.

YouTube Analytics

Finally, you have the best YouTube SEO tool that again has several features to help you with next-level optimization. If you want to analyze your video based on the strengths and weaknesses, then YouTube analytics is the platform to land.

Do you know what it offers to the users? From reaching out to the target audience to generating tags, it has everything for a marketer to promote the video on the platform. It is the best YT SEO tools tag generator that you can rely with the results.

Not only this, but optimizing content according to the audience’s needs is absolutely amazing. It provides you with several crucial insights that you would need for making your videos and channel go viral across the internet.

Summing Up!

Gone are the days when YouTube video optimization was a hectic activity. The marketers used to go here and there for achieving audience-oriented SEO services. Hence, the wait is over because there are the optimization tools for the marketers that make video optimization interesting yet efficient. If you have doubts and find no useful tool on the internet, then read this blog. It has listed the best and free SEO tools for YouTube videos that guarantees to increase views and clicks in the less time. Just have a look at these tools and you will be amazed to see how it actually works with video marketing.

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