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July 29, 2021
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Johnson & Johnson Announces The Findings Of Benzene In Own Products

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson and Johnson are on the internet for hours now and here is why. Johnson and Johnson recently announced and recalled 5 of its main sunscreen products. The reason behind it was the finding of traces of Benzene in these products. We all know benzene is a chemical compound, but what we do not know is that it can cause serious damage to humans like cancer.

Many people going for shopping, trips, beach picnics, or even office use sunscreen especially the population living in cities and countries with hot climates and brutal and scorching heat of the sun. Many use Sunscreen products to neglect the after-effects of acne and sunburns also.

What are Johnson and Johnson?

For those who don’t know, Johnson and Johnson is one of the leading manufacturers of health devices and pharmaceutical Products which include curing diseases like Immunology, Metabolic Disease, hypertension disease, and many more. Moreover, Johnson and Johnson cares about consumer’s skin and health. Products like Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec, Nicorette, and many more are daily usage products of many.

Recalling of products

Johnson and Johnson on Wednesday announced the recall of five sunscreen products due to the quality check resulting in finding Benzene in them. Although the level of benzene is quite low, it can produce cancer like Leukemia which can end someone’s life.

5 products for recall: 

This recall of Johnson and Johnson on their 5 products of sunscreen includes:

  • Beach defense – aerosol sunscreen
  • Cool Dry Sport – aerosol sunscreen
  • Invisible Daily Defense- aerosol sunscreen
  • Ultra Sheer – aerosol sunscreen
  • Aveeno Protect – aerosol sunscreen

The leading manufacturing company Johnson and Johnson stated that The usage of these products will not cause any harm to our customers but still as our duty we will go for a recall”

Positive News For the Consumers:

According to the Environmental Protection Agency guidance:

“Benzene on this level by using the products can not cause harm and can not produce health consequences”.

The positive point is that for example if any whiteboard animation services provide its service to someone. Then afterward finds out there are few problems in 2D animation services provided to the customer, it will be a good call to recall the services provided and examine the services before providing them again. Keep in mind that the quality of the best animation services provider must be at the best level.

Response Of Johnson and Johnson

A representative of the company “Johnson and Johnson” emailed that: after visualizing the report, the company started an end-to-end investigation of the processes and the raw materials that are in use. Which includes the raw material testing and product testing too.”

But furthermore stated that the company is still doing investigation

J&J told us it is working to get the five products neglected and removed from all the store’s shelves. It will urge consumers and customers in the future to stop using the aerosol products immediately and also told us that customers can receive the refund of these 5 aerosol canned products of Johson and Johnson by calling J&J’s Consumer Care Center at 1-800-458-1673.


Benzene is an aromatic compound used to make many polymers and chemicals used in industries. Gasoline comprises benzene. And waxes and rubbers include benzene which we use in daily life. According to CDCP, when exposed to benzene for long-term causes leukemia cancer, and other cancers too.

The organic aromatic compound’s effects change depending on whether benzene gets inhaled, used on the skin, or in other ways. The symptoms will be facing dizziness and varying heartbeats but death can visit you immediately.

Johnson and Johnson stated that Use of sunscreen is important for the public’s health. And consumers take protective measures from the sun by wearing these sunscreens.

Value playing its major role:

Value, one of the independent laboratories, announced the shocking news that traces of benzene are also found in 76+ sunscreens and after-sun creams.

CRO of Valisure, David Light told the media that benzene was also observed in testing. Inclusion of 294 batches of products coming from 69 different companies, but the effect of benzene is not a problem for the sunscreen directly.

But the original report by Valisure found few traces of benzene in sprays and also lotions manufactured by Aveeno and Neutrogena. But the recalling from the company’s side is of five products.

Expert’s Opinion and Statement: 

Martyn Smith, one of the professors and Chair at the University of California stated:

“Benzene evaporates quickly before absorption but inhalation can cause harm and is risky.”

Martyn Smith thinks and believes the use of sunscreen does not cause any sort of harm by stating “we don’t apply these sunscreens multiple times a day in our life”.

Smith also stated that since many people spray sunscreens outside their houses for any purpose, benzene volatilizes, wind, and the sun will aid in the volatility of benzene, and consumers won’t be inhaling much.


“It is probably at the same benzene level as compared to pumping gas and driving a certain distance,” he further said. “It is not a very huge risk since you are only using it for a minute only”.

Should I worry If I have applied sunscreen?

Johnson and Johnson never stated the fact about the number of bottles that were affected by benzene traces and also the exact level of benzene was in the bottles. But Johnson and Johnson indicated that the level of benzene was low in these affected bottles and will not affect the health of consumers nor it is expected to cause health problems. If you feel tense regarding this issue after using one of the sunscreens of J&J then consult your doctor one time to ensure wellness.

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