What is Google Classroom - How it works
What Is Google Classroom & How It Works?
April 22, 2021
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May 3, 2021

6 Google Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing For 2021

Google Fundamentals - Digital Marketing 2021

Did you know that Google achieves 90% of searches on the internet? This fact simply blows our mind because it is something that only Google can make it. And yeah! It really is making.

Several search engines are present on the internet but no one can beat the systematic process of Google. Indeed, it is the number one choice of every user and that’s why it embraces more views than anything else.

Around the globe, different users use Google. For instance, the search engine facilitates the students in their educational affairs. The business owners take advantage of Google to promote their businesses and get into the competition. Many other users make use of it to get the knowledge of something that they knew not.

But Google is not limited to searches. It also offers the various Google courses to the students to ace marketing and/or other fields. Well, this post is about digital marketing, so the emphasis is on the marketing courses.

A Google digital marketing course allows you to learn and implement the techniques that are important in making your site ranked on the search engine. Not only this, but it has other aspects that are important in promoting the business in the competitive market.

So, why not you read this article to know more about Google certification for every level? I have got your attention! Let’s explore together what Google is offering to us.

Popular Google Certification Courses For Everyone

1. Google Online Marketing Challenge

Online Google Marketing Challenge

The best way to learn as quickly as possible is taking part in a challenge. This helps you to know your limits, understanding of the topic, and make your brain work faster than ever.

Among various Google courses, this is one that is highly recommended. Over 8 years have passed since the challenge was launched, and over 1100 students around the world have already taken part in it.

One of the merits of this course is that it includes the topics of digital marketing like background knowledge, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, advertising, social media marketing, analytics, and video marketing.

Not only this, but this course is the best at helping you out in writing press releases for online advertising.

2. Google Digital Unlocked

Digital Unlocked From Google

Digital Marketing Fundamentals contains over 40 hours of training materials in video and text. This Google certification is the perfect course for all newbies looking to start their digital marketing journey.

This course consists of 26 modules and covers aspects related to analytics, business strategy, content marketing, display advertising, e-commerce, email marketing and more.

Every digital marketing agency recommends the course to the professionals so that they can avail the certification in Google marketing easily.

3. Google’s AdWords Fundamental Course

Google AdWords Fundamental Courses

It is Google AdWords certification that the professionals are fond of. If you’ve been studying digital marketing recently, you know that digital marketing isn’t just about results, paid advertising or Google Adwords are just as important.

With Google Adwords certification, you can run paid campaigns and check the traffic coming through them to your website.

There is no doubt that the Google Adwords Foundation course or the Google Digital Marketing course has transformed the world of paid digital marketing.

Previously, influencer marketing was also limited to television. Today, a number of social media influencers are earning through these platforms and have achieved millions of followers.

When you start offering digital marketing services and apply AdWords, you will come to know how important it is to have skills in this area.

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4. Google Display Advertising Course

Display Advertising Course From Google

Ads that you often see as images on websites, apps, software, and videos are part of display ads.

You also see this ad when analyzing Gmail logs or playing a game on your smartphone.

Display advertising is the most widespread form of advertising on Google. All the best SEO services have this aspect to promote the businesses over different platforms.

Therefore, it becomes inevitable that you will learn all about them before stepping into the professional world of digital marketing.

Besides being certified by Google for the free digital marketing course, this course gives you an in-depth study of various aspects of marketing.

Remarketing, display ad settings, remarketing settings, mobile ads, and video ads are some of the key areas you’ll learn about in this course.

5. Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Answers

Google Fundamentals of Answers in Digital Marketing

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Answers is a free Skillshop course where the students can learn about online marketing and SEO to address digital garage 2021 issues from experts who will help take your business offline online and make yourself visible to a wider audience worldwide.

It provides a free certificate when you complete the final exam of the digital workshop, and solutions will be made easier with this extension.

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6. Google Digital Garage

Digital Garage From Google

Last but not least, you also have a platform to unlock as many great courses as you can. With Google garage, you can learn new skills required by the industries around the world.

Land on the Google garage login page and you will see how Google is making people advanced with its changing algorithms. Not only this, but believe me, Google digital garage certificate value is way too high than anything else.

If you are a professional and thinking to upgrade your skills, then try this out. You will definitely notice the difference in traditional concepts and the new aspects unlocked here.

Final Thoughts

An aspiring digital marketer always needs something that pushes its limits to the core. This is only possible when it gets better with Google certifications and land on the higher position than before. If you also sound like this one, then why not try any of these courses to improve your skills? The professionals from around the world are making themselves competent in digital marketing so that they can ace Google without a hesitation. So, don’t put your steps back because learning here is far better than getting a position with zero knowledge.

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