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March 10, 2021
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5 Google Search Tricks To Get Exact Information You Want

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Google is the platform where you can find the best solutions to all of your problems. No matter what the question is running in your mind, the search engine will let you know the accurate results. It is that simple for it to answer our queries but we really know how smartly the algorithms are working at the back.

Guess what? Google itself is the part of the dictionary which means to search. This means that the search engine offers you a great deal of service in finding the most relevant information over the internet. But what’s the trick to get the effective results?

Google tricks are unknown to everyone. Even not you can find the best ways to find the results on the search engine if you are not aware of the google deep search tricks.

If you know how local SEO services work, you will get most of your answers. But the fact is that you still need to find the answer of one question and that is “how to search on Google effectively?”

In this post, you will get to know some really amazing Google advanced search tricks that can help you find the accurate results of your every search.

Google Deep Search Tricks You Never Knew About

1. Game of keywords

keywords searching suggestions

When you enter a search query on the search engine, Google gives you the results according to its understanding. It can be beyond the expectations or somewhat lesser that what you think of. But the biggest tension we often come across with is that the search engine sometimes provides the results that are not relevant.

However, you can also fight with this problem. One of the best Google tricks we know is the game of keywords. It helps you to get the specific results according to your needs.

By adding a plus sign in front of the words, you can get the desired results. It is one of the Google search operators that works really best in accessing to the right information.

Google search operators are exclusively used for including or excluding the keywords. For instance, if you don’t want to see a specific page or information, just add the minus sign in front of the desired keyword.

Such Google tricks make our search really easy and efficient.

2. Get into the websites

Get into the websites - Add a site: url

Here is another Google advanced search that gives you desired results through the website itself.

One of the Google’s most useful tricks is site-specific search. Add a site: url at the end of the search and replace “url” with the desired website.

Let’s say you want to know what Wikipedia has written about cats. Visit the Google home page and search for cats at The results will only include pages from the specified site and Google will apply the usual weighting, so the most relevant hits will be shown first (the number of other sites linked to the page and theirs). Depending on factors such as current events. If you need to find something on a particular website, this tip often works better than the site’s built-in search options.

This may count as Google search tricks funny, but it is as important as you want stuff for passing the exam. Not only this, but SEO company services make the search easy regarding how Google works. If this is effectively implemented, you can always find the most relevant information according to your needs.

3. Work on the time period

limiting the time period in google search

It is been decades that Google is indexing the web pages. But the way you search or put a query on the search engine prevents you from extracting the exact site or page that you are looking for. In such a scenario, one of the best Google tricks that can work for you is limiting the time period.

When you enter a search query on Google’s main search engine, click on tools and then move to anytime drop-down menu. At this point, you can simply limit the results and get the latest information upon the search.

Companies like TKDigitals also refer to this Google advanced search that works really well in most of the situations.

4. Find files

filetype: command to find files

When you enter the search query, you will only get the web pages in the search results. This is because the search engine mainly concentrates on webpages. However, it also indexes the files that are publicly available.

If you want to get the access to these files, you can simply use Google search tricks like thanos.

By using filetype: command at the end of your search query, you will get the results that you wish to see. For instance, if you want to search for a research paper in a pdf format, simply enter the research paper title along with pdf at the end.

With this type of search, you can access to the authentic information as per your requirement.

Keep in mind that this only works for published documents and files uploaded to the web. You won’t suddenly come across secret government files … or at least I hope you won’t.

5. Get deeper and deeper

advanced feature to get more accurate result

Till now we’ve covered the basics, but if you really want to find the specific results on every search, you only have to rely on Google’s more specialized search options. 

When you reach to Google search result page, click on the Settings on the top toolbar and select Advanced search. The next page provides additional ways to target your search, from exploring a particular area to find images that you have the right to reuse.

Some of the operators, like specific phrases, will be familiar by now. But the extra options for the region and language can be useful. By default, Google prioritizes hits from the country or continent you’re in, so you can settings to get better results for the rest of the world.

The advanced search page is worth visiting even if you forget any of the tricks we mentioned above, such as searching on a particular site or keyword exclusion or if you do both at the same time. See what you can find.

Final Thoughts

This is how the search engine works. From finding SEO services packages to research papers, you can always use the Google search tricks like wizard of oz to land on the most authentic web pages.

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