5 Top SEO Tools for YouTube To Rank Your Videos
5 Best SEO Tools For YouTube To Rank Your Videos
March 9, 2021
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March 10, 2021

7 Effective Google SEO Tools To Reach Your Target Audience

7 Top Google SEO Tools

In the SEO world, we read a lot about things like keyword research, competitor analysis, and more to increase traffic to your site.

However, I only see little information on how to determine your target audience or how to ensure that your keyword choices actually reach your target audience. This is one way to take your keyword research to the next level, and it’s worth the effort.

So instead of guessing if your SEO or PPC ad is showing up in front of the right people, here are some top SEO tools you can use to check the results.

Top SEO Tools To Reach Your Target Audience In 2021

1. Google Insights for Search

Google Insights for Search displays trend data similar to Google Trends, but goes one step further and displays details about additional search terms related to local interest levels and keywords. 

This Google SEO tool allows you to see exactly where your target audience is geographically, without using terms that are less popular in your target area than other terms. Such things you will always find in SEO tools list, which is so good to use.

I guess there are no such SEO company near me which is not using this tool for attracting the target audience. Well, you see how important is one of the SEO tools that can give you impressive results without even struggling to death.

2. Google Trends

If all you’re looking for a basic search volume trend line and some regional insights, this Google SEO tool is a perfect choice for you. Google Trends shows trends in keyword search volume and became part of the SEO tools list in 2004.

If you target search marketing campaigns that way, you can limit them to specific years and months, or specific countries. TK Digitals also uses the Google SEO checker to achieve quality results and best performance of the site.

3. SEMrush

Looking for keywords to implement in future blog posts? What about helping you run a profitable PPC campaign using the best Google search console? Keyword that boosts search engine rankings knowing your search terms can help you with your overall marketing strategy. This comes in the list of the free SEO tools 2021 that ensure to bring the target audience to your platform.

Consider this Google search console for keywords to help you achieve the target.

SEMrush has a long-standing reputation as one of the top SEO tools mainly used for searching the keywords. Your name recognition and reputation alone should be a good reason to try this tool. And when you do so, you will soon find that you have something to offer your business.

The Keyword Research feature is where you spend most of your time. This helps target audiences find a way to find the best keywords for their business or industry and create a list of long-tail keywords to get there.

If you are looking for professional SEO services, then this is the tool for the best investment plan. Although you will see several best free Google SEO tools, SEMrush is the only platform that helps you in increasing the traffic on the site.

4. Google Webmaster Tools

Are you a big fan of Google Keyword Planner?

Google may be the best dog in terms of search engine market share, but Bing continues to push it. This is primarily because of the functionality of Bing Webmaster Tools.

As a new business owner you have a very limited amount of time, so it’s no surprise that many are leaning towards Google Keyword Planners. After all, this is the largest name in the universe. However, if time permits, we encourage you to learn more about Google Webmaster Tools and, in particular, Keyword Research tools.

The primary advantage of this Google SEO tool is its simplicity of approach. No bells and whistles. There is nothing in your way. Instead, it is always just clear and concise data.

5. Ahrefs

Like TKDigitals, you should not worry about reaching out to the target audience. This is because Ahrefs is the solution to the problem. Indeed, every big company tends to use the tool to get more advantages in terms of SEO rather than making failed attempts.

Ahrefs is again the best Google SEO checker that has won hearts of several professionals in the industry. From analyzing the competition to searching the best competitive keywords for the content, Google SEO console gives you everything under one platform.

Besides, you can track the results and avail several other SEO-related benefits that other platforms often lack. So, have a look at this tool and get most of it.

6. Quantcast

Quantcast is definitely a useful tool to view the site’s traffic and visitor demographic information of the site and competitors. This is effective and useful if you have set the number of websites you are viewing.

If you measure the site, you get to see more accurate traffic and demographic information. If not, you can continue to get good data samples to better understand the demographics of your visitors.

7. Alexa

Alexa will give you an idea of how much traffic a competitor gets and analyze the demographic data of its visitors. You can also use Alexa to understand the keywords that drive website traffic.

 Like other best free Google SEO tools, this tool is only useful if you know which websites are targeting the same market as you, but unlike Compete, you can use Alexa to get more information for free.

Final Thoughts

In the world of SEO, you will find other tools that provide a lot of demographics and keyword data, but these are great tools to get started. This article does not even cover only about the best free Google SEO tools but some other tools that you can avail benefits with by paying the cost. If you know other tools to use, don’t even hesitate in exploring the features and using it in the projects you are being hired for.

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