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Guidance And Importance Of Typography Designs


Typography design is the art of arranging the letters in a message pleasantly. It makes the words appear more readable and attractive to catch.

Typography has been around here for ages. We see words and letters around us all day in different places. Perhaps, in every piece of the type you see, it has been designed by someone who arranged it in a better way for you to read it.

Good typography is far ahead of just choosing colored fonts. Art is paying attention to the details and arrangement of words and letters that make it readable in an aesthetic way.

Basic Typography elements

Before we move towards typographic details, let’s list down some basic principles of good typography:

  • A limited number of fonts
  • Do the color research properly
  • Pay close attention to alignment
  • Consider typography as an art
  • Choose the correct size
  • Use proper grammar

How Typography transforms design to look attractive?

Well, let’s dig into some reasons for using typography in design that enhance creativity.


People tend to remember the pleasing combination of words and letters presented in a way that catches their eyes. They memorize visuals more quickly than the text written in normal ways.

Perhaps, use of colors and fonts with the selection of the right size and shape can draw the attention of anyone. It doesn’t matter even if the written phrase is common, it is the art of presentation.

Easy to read

It’s not only about choosing a color theme of fonts with an appealing style of word to grab the attention. The main purpose is to maintain a balance of words, shapes, and colors so the reader can understand.

It is often the wrong selection to make it look fancy and unique, that it becomes difficult to read and understand the actual meaning.

Brand recognition

Think about a logo for any brand you remember.

You might not remember the exact design, but the combination of colors and shapes pops on your mind right?

This is where good typography creates its importance. Brands tend to create a lasting image for their viewers and customers so take a place in their minds.

Showcase personality

Designers can showcase the feelings and emotions of the typography in a way that best describes its personality.

They select a mix of colors and fonts to portray in such a unique style, that you can feel different by looking at each logo separately.

Priority of information 

Typography in design helps to arrange words and phrases in an order which highlights the information of high priority.

Designers use different tools and creativity to shape the information in such a way that it appears at first if you look at it. It’s an art of using fonts and sizes in a correct manner that interacts with the idea to be shown.

Mostly used fonts in typography styles

Following are the fonts that are mostly used in typography styles:

  • Helvetica
  • Calibri
  • Future
  • Garamond
  • Times new roman
  • Trade secrets
  • Arial
  • Cambria
  • Verdana
  • Rockwell
  • Franklin gothic


Different uses of Typography design

you must be well aware till now of the benefits of using typography to convey the message aesthetically. Perhaps, every business tends to build a lasting image for their potential and current customers.

The road to a successful visual presentation in the eyes of customers is to choose the fonts and shapes in a balanced order. What if the message you deliver is crucial but the method you chose was not appealing?

Let’s put some light on some of the areas of business where typography can play an essential role.


The kind of typography used in animation is also known as Kinetic Typography. It is a form of animation that brings fonts to life with the help of design.

This specific style of typography is very eye-catching and stimulates a certain idea that engages the viewers to retain the content easily.

Kinetic typography comprises all the tactics that can play a vital role to impress the viewer by presenting words and messages in an attractive 2D video.

Viewers want something short, clear, and yet persuasive. Animated typography video has been effective to produce such art. 

A recent survey showed that 85% of Facebook viewers saw the video on mute. The fact is, selecting a design and format that is on point does not require a sweet melody.

Perhaps, multiple professional teams provide these 2D animation services. They have the expertise to produce and design the content as per your needs and customers’ expectations.

Web Design

So what role does typography design play in a personalized website design? In the simplest meaning, it designs your website text in a creative style so that your readers stay engaged.

Do you know that almost 90% of the text you read on a particular website is made up of typography? 

Well, the major purpose of a website is to provide the actual intent and emotion of the business or brand to the viewer. Therefore, in today’s digital era, typography design plays that part for your website.

Perhaps, typography for your website is personal. Therefore, brands and businesses should choose fonts wisely which are suitable for their industry and work.

Logo design

Designing a logo for a brand is equally essential as other business marketing strategies. A perfectly designed logo is something that delivers the correct meaning and is set in the eyes of customers.

Designing the logo with the correct use of typography is an art of professionals. This is a misconception that typographic logos are easy to design. They need far more skills than just choosing fancy colors and fonts.

Perhaps, it’s better to outsource a company’s logo design service to someone who has expertise in this field rather than experimenting yourself.



To conclude, typography designing is a widespread branch of a field that has an impact on various industries. We don’t consider that we are surrounded by different typographic designs. 

Whether it’s brochures, applications, or any graphic design, we won’t even bother to look at it if it is not appealing. Different brands use various designs that help to make that one look attractive.

Perhaps, there are teams of professionals that create the typography design with their skills and knowledge. So why not let them help you out to do the task for you? While you focus on how to grow your business.


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