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What Is Google Meet & How To Use It?

Google Meet & How To Use It

Due to covid-19 pandemic, the importance of online video apps demand has increased drastically this year. And with this heavy demand of online secure video conferencing app, Google meet app has become the best option around here.

This software itself replaces other software’s which is owned by Google like Hangout Meets and Duo because of its high-end advanced features.

So in this article I will tell you how to use Google meet and what advance features does it offer.

What is Google Meet—Secure App?

define google meet

Google meet basically provides corporates a focused online video conferencing app which is developed by Google.  It works along with Google Hangout video Chat and replaces Google chat and adds several tools in the app for business use. Every digital marketing agency aims to use the app to connect with their remote employees or clients. 

Google meet tools are useful for small and large businesses. But on the other hand Google meet classroom is quite popular in educational sector too.

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Is Google Meet Free For Everyone?

Google Meet Free

To meet join the meeting, downloading is free for everyone. But there are few limitations. For free users, conference duration is for only 24 hours at a time. Whereas for paid user they can hold meeting for 300 hours.

Second is a free user can add only 100 participants in a single meeting, which is good for arranging Google meet classroom in school. Whereas paid users can add 150 participants at a time. Moreover, paid users like large businesses i.e. TK Digitals can get even up to 300 participants with the same 300 hours meeting.

Furthermore, paid users get more useful tools for businesses like domestic and international call support with 24/7. More other tools they get like smart noise cancellation, will also allow access to save meeting recording for later use on Google drive. And it provides Google meet- secure video meeting too.

How to Use Google Meet?

Google Meet - How to use it

The first thing is you need to memorize how to start the meeting. First you need internet connection and set up a Google account.

If you are accessing on browser:

  • Open your Browser, enter Google meet link: https://meet.google.com/ and click on new meeting.
  • Go to your Gmail click on start meeting from the menu

On Smartphone:

  • Download the Google meet apk and open the app, then start the meeting

When you learn to start the meeting, you will automatically get the Google meet link for other participants to join your meeting. So you message them the link after the meeting is started and they can join instantly.

 Another cool feature is that it will automatically add a link on Google calendar or Gmail those who are invited for upcoming schedule meeting. Participants need to accept from the host for the meeting.

In the above mentioned list, there is an option for joining meeting right next to start the meeting. And joining the meeting is a lot easier than starting the meeting. Participants can join the meeting by two methods either they click on the link which is provided by the host or you can enter the meeting code.

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How to Chat and Present in Google Meet?

Video class room lecture or meeting is a simple way to communicate with students or teammates. But for communication or lecture, you need to present something. And it’s easy to use for presentations plus it has some extra tools for presentation which will help you in delivering in the easiest way.

First to share your screen, click on the Present Now button which is located at the bottom of the screen. When u press the Present Now button, you can either share a single window with the viewers, you’re a whole screen or specific chrome tab it’s totally up to you.

And if you want to share some animation Google itself recommends you for best performance, you better use a chrome tab.

Second, if you want to ask questions during sessions but don’t like to interrupt during the session by speaking. You can use chat box which is provided by the software. Just click on the small chat icon on the top of the app on the right side, type your message or question and send it. This is the useful tools for school and businesses purposes for question-and-answer sessions or to share links with Google Drive or Google Docs for meeting memos or for other resources.

Customize Settings For Meeting:

So now you have learned how to start meeting, add presentations and to chat in the meeting. Now it’s time to learn new customization features and how to apply in Google Meet setting. Features may vary depending on your account type free or paid user.

One of the important feature for the host is how to display the special participants to the rest of the participants. Although by default, Google Meet is set to auto. Choose the best layout, how many participants have joined, etc.

However, you can take control of three crucial points if you want to, which are as follows:

  • Spotlight: Under the spotlight, either the presentation or active participants will fill up this window.
  • Tiles: Will show up to 20 participants in small tile or if someone is speaking the rest of participants will be shown under a sidebar.

Sidebar: In this feature either the presentation or the host will be in the middle of screen, with smaller tiles on the side with other participants.

Other than this, you can also pin specific xyz participant so they may appear in the center of every participant screen.

Further, the host can mute the participants if they want to. Or participants itself can mute themselves for privacy concerns and can unmute there mic if they are muted.

Another cool feature is that you can add caption in the meeting.  Just click on the turn on captions, which is located at the bottom of the screen. Keep that in your mind this is currently available in some languages don’t worry English is available. So start captioning. But there is one drawback that is your captions won’t be saved if the meeting is recorded.

Such applications work really best if you are offering SEO services to the international clients and it is really important to discuss the things with them. 


I hope this article will help you a lot in holding a next meeting with your remote clients, employees, or students. You cannot find anything best other than this application. Trust me!

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