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March 9, 2021
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New Google Search Console: How It Works For You?

Google Search Central

Google Search Console was launched recently with the aim to easily monitor your site’s performance. You can get valuable information from your Google Search Console account, which means you can see which part of the website is working properly. This may be a technical part of your website, for example, more and more crawl errors need to be fixed. It may also cause specific keywords to get more attention due to a decline in ranking or impressions.

In addition to this data, you will also receive an email notification when Google Search Console detects a new error. Through these notifications, you will quickly understand the issues that need to be resolved. Therefore, anyone with a website should learn how to use it!

How To Use Google Search Console In Easy Ways?

Account Setup

Get Started In Google Search Console

To start using Google Search Console, you need to create an account. In the new Google Search Console, you can click on the “Add new attribute” bar at the top:

You can add the website you want to add by clicking the Add Attribute button. If you choose the “New Domain” option, you only need to add the domain name -www, instead of adding subdomains. This option tracks everything associated with the field. When using the “old” URL prefix, you must include the correct URL; for example, “URL”. For example, if you have a https website with or without www, use “https”. It is important to add the correct version to collect the correct data.

When adding a website, you must confirm that you own it. There are several ways to prove your ownership. The domain option is only used with DNS authentication, and the URL prefix supports different methods. You can read more about the differences in Google Docs: adding new properties and verifying site ownership.

For WordPress users who use Yoast SEO, please use the “HTML tag” method to get your google verification code in google search console.

Every renowned SEO consultant follow this step to create an account on the Google search console. You can further search google for more steps to be followed here. 

What You Get To See In Google Search Console?

Now that you have created an account, what is the next step for SEO agency to get started? Now it’s time to look at your data! We will introduce some of the reports and information in the rest of this article.

1. Performance Analysis

Google Search Central Performance Analysis Tool

On the Performance tab, you can view the pages and keywords for which your website ranks in Google. In the old version of GSC, you can view data for up to 90 days, but in the current version, you can view data for up to 16 months. Please note that data can be used from the moment the account is created.

If you regularly check the “Performance” tab, you can quickly see which keywords or pages need more attention and optimization. Where would you start? In the “Performance” tab, you will see a list of “Requests”, “Pages”, “Countries” or “Devices”. Using “Appearance”, you can test the effect of advanced search results. Each of these sections can be sorted by “clicks”, “impressions”, “average clickthrough rate” or “average position”.

2. Index Coverage

 Google Search Central Index Coverage

A more technical but very valuable label in Google Search Console is the “Index Coverage” label. This section shows you how many pages Google has indexed since the last update, how many pages are missing, and what errors and warnings make it difficult to index Google pages correctly.

You can also view error trends.

We recommend that you check this tab regularly to see what errors and warnings have appeared on the website. However, you will also be notified when Google encounters a new error. After receiving such notifications, you can check for errors in more detail here.

For example, an error may occur when redirects are not working properly or Google detects broken codes or error pages in your theme.

By clicking on the link, you can analyze the error in more detail to see the specific URL affected. After fixing the error, you can mark it as fixed so that Google can check the URL again.

3. URL Inspection


URL Inspection in Search Console

URL verification tools can help you analyze specific URLs. You take a page from Google’s index and compare it with the page on your website to see if there is any difference. You can also find other technical information on this page, such as when and how Google crawls it, and how it looks when it crawls.
Sometimes you may notice some errors. This may be because Google cannot crawl your page properly. It also provides information about structured data found on this URL.

4. Enhancement

Enhancement Feature in Search Console

Below the scope list heading is the enhanced tab. Here you will find everything you need to improve website performance. It provides information about site speed, mobile usability, AMP usage, and structured data improvements, which can lead to rich search results.

5. Sitemaps

Sitemaps in Search Console

The XML sitemap is like a road map for all important pages and posts on the website. We think every website will find it useful. Can our Yoast SEO plugin work on your website? Then you will automatically have an XML sitemap. If not, we recommend creating a page so that Google can easily find your most important pages and posts.

On the XML Sitemap tab of Google Search Console, you can tell the location of the Google XML Sitemap on your website:

We encourage everyone to enter the URL of the XML sitemap in GSC so that Google can easily find it. In addition, for example, you can quickly see if there are errors in the sitemap or some pages are not indexed. By checking regularly, you will ensure that Google can correctly find and read your XML sitemap.

TKDigitals regularly check the XML Sitemap section of the plugin to determine the type or category of posts you want to include in the Sitemap!


Reading this article will give you a good understanding of what Search Console can do and how to use it, so I want to ask you: Have you already used Google Search Console on your website? If not, we strongly recommend that you create an account so that you can start collecting data about your website. Do you think something is missing? Comments are welcome!

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