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March 18, 2021
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SEO Optimization: Step By Step Guide For Beginners

Beginners Guide For SEO

Is it right that SEO is difficult to learn? Do you think it is not easy to put the efforts into implementing the techniques?

Although many of the beginners think the same way, SEO is the fundamental aspect in the business that no one can ignore. If you are a site owner or planning to get one, you should know the basics of SEO to begin with the business.

You may find tons of search engine optimization techniques and get confused before starting to execute the real strategy. Well, it is okay if that is so because it happens when a beginner gets into the discipline and comes up with several things at a time.

Hence, this is something common in the internet world and you cannot run from it.

For the beginners, the most important thing today is how to do SEO?

What Is SEO?

SEO is basically the process of optimizing a website in order to search easily via search engine, for example, Google.

So thinking how to optimize your content through Google SEO?

Here is the list of some recommended SEO optimization tips that will help the beginners in acing the digital world.

SEO Optimization Tips For Beginners

1. Perform keyword research

SEO Guide - keyword research

keyword research is most important step to learn seo

To provide local SEO services, ideally it’s best for you to do keyword research before you start content writing. This lets you know which keyword to focus the most during writing.

Effective keywords are also obtained through SEO tools. If you don’t know the professional way to get there, you can take help from these tools and make your content SEO-friendly.

2. Optimized pages for the site

Optimized pages according to keywords

Keyword research is just the first yet the fundamental step to generating more organic search traffic.

After completing the phase, you have to ensure that the site pages are well-structured and fulfill all the requirements of the target audience. In this way, you have to enter the search queries and all the informative content that increases engagement.

Now it is time to satisfy the user experience. This means you have to make them satisfied with the journey accomplished on your site. The best way is to seek help from the SEO consultant or search the internet.

The best practice is to get the most engaging templates and add all other elements in the web pages that create an appealing outlook. Also, you need to remove everything that affects the user experience to the core.

In your next search engine optimization Google strategy, you have to put in efforts to satisfy your on-page optimization. This means you have to target the most profitable keywords in order to make your content SEO-friendly.

You can check out several ways to implement such practices. However, the use of WordPress can help you further in making the right deal with the target audience.

3. Make URLs click-worthy

Click-worthy URLs Creation

Do you know the main purpose of the web address? It is actually the address of your site, which sends a signal to the search engine regarding the topic. The experts recommend creating the right URL so that the target audience can notice your site.

Keep the URL structure of your site as simple as possible. The best practice is to organize the content in such a way that the URL is logically structured. The people can easily read the URL and access the site, no matter where they are.

Another advantage of descriptive URLs is that they often include the targeted keyword (or at least words and phrases in it). However, don’t embed keywords in URLs if they seem unnatural.

4. Create informative meta description

Add descriptive meta description

Every web page has two important features that create the search results on the search engine.

One is the meta title, which is the prominent title that pops up when a search query is entered. The second one is the meta description that summarizes the content or a web page.

In contrast to the name and what it means at the first glance, the meta title doesn’t appear on the web page or in its content. It is only set on the browser tab name, Google, and other search engines use the title when the page actually appears on the search result.

According to conventional wisdom, you cannot exceed the limit of the meta title. Google suggests you create a meta title that doesn’t exceed 60 characters in order to avoid cutting off search results. The best way is to use the SERP Pixel tool so that your titles are perfectly created for the search engine.

The next important thing you have to improve in the search engine optimization is the meta description. This is basically everything that improves the click rate.

The best practice is to avoid risk of truncation. In this, your meta description should remain in the preferred limit, i.e. 155 characters. Again, the best SEO tools are recommended to achieve the best results.

5. Images should not be ignored

Add Optimized Images

Image optimization to rank your site in seo

Images are good for people, but search engines find it difficult to understand their meaning.

Not every time Google is right with the image you upload. It comprehends the image wrongly and then presents the wrong result when a query is entered by the search engine.

Hence, you need to optimize your images when adding in the website. If you do so, it becomes easy for Google to understand the image and show the relevant result for the search query entered.

The Bottom Line

Often, search engine optimization techniques are competitive but are the most effective one to help you drive traffic on the website. Not only this, but you can create a unique brand image with SEO that ensures competitive edge. It requires several things to add in the practices so that your optimization can be on-point. Beginners might face difficulty in the first attempt, but when they practice this tutorial, they will know it is easier than ever. So, get yourself used to such practices and make yourself professional like others.

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