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SEO Tutorial: Five Simple Steps For Beginners 2021

Five Simple Steps To Learn SEO 2021

When you are good at SEO, you can promote your work on the search engine effectively. But it requires skills and a lot of practice to achieve big. This is something that is not a piece of cake, but not even a challenge too.

SEO is really important in bringing your business site on Google’s first page. It is definitely you need to improve the site’s performance and make it worth standing on Google. But what if you don’t know the technical aspects of the right SEO?

We all know how one feels about the SEO practices. When you achieve search engine optimization services from a reputable company, you always get all the best techniques implemented on your site to make it competent for Google. Similarly, you can also perform the same job only if you know what is SEO and how it works.

This post will give you a detailed SEO tutorial step by step. You will get to see the most important aspects of SEO that improve ranking and site’s performance.

So, let’s get started.

What Is SEO And How It Works?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing technique that improves your site’s ranking on the search engine. Since the competition in the digital world is increasing day by day, our sites need the best position to let the users know our business.

To help you rank on the search engine, you have to get skilled at SEO. This is the only way that you can be the top businessman in the digital world and earn bigger than before.

It is really easy to make your site optimized. Even if you hire an organic SEO company, it will perform the same techniques as you will learn here. So, sit back and relax because you will now get the SEO tutorial step by step for more knowledge in the domain.

SEO Tutorial Step By Step—Learn Now And Achieve Big

1. Keyword research

If you look at any SEO course on the internet, the first thing you will learn is about keyword research. Optimizing a website for Google requires effective keywords that people often search on search engine. This is what you should have experience in before taking risk at starting the business online.

Every person finds a desired item on the search engine using a different phrase. It requires an SEO expert to make use of such phrases in the content so that it reaches out to them upon every search.

How will you find the best keywords for your content? Well, there is no such hard and fast rule but a few tools that can help you a lot.

You can find a number of legitimate tools where keyword research is as simple as anything in this world. Find out such tools and learn the right technique to figure out the effective keywords using SEO tutorial YouTube.

2. Create SEO-friendly content

The next most important thing in learning the SEO is the content itself. We often make a mistake of crafting a content that ensures creativity and tons of useless sentences. Do you think such content brings traffic to the site?

If you are enrolled in SEO course, you must have seen the stress laid on an optimized content. This is because content serves a vital role in convincing the prospects and building trust in them. If your content is not crafted according to Google’s ranking factors, it may become a challenge for you to survive in the digital industry.

You don’t really have to search for what the searchers prefer to read. Instead, Google’s algorithm lets figure out the relevant content for every search query. The organic SEO services make it possible for the marketer to develop SEO-friendly content that reaches out to the target audience.

3. Compelling title is a must

SEO tutorial YouTube will always tell you the importance of tile in search engine optimization. Keep in mind that the searchers just not land on your page by looking at the keywords. They also look for the compelling titles to go with it.

The professional SEO companies like TKDigitals will always help you in creating click-worthy titles and descriptions. These are really important in convincing the target audience and contributing to increased conversions.

Have you noticed any site that lets you click right away? Yes, there are several websites, which have amazing titles and encourage the target audience to get into it. With SEO course, you can learn how to make compelling titles in minutes.

4. Length of URL matters

Now the next comes URL length. In SEO tutorial w3school, prescribed URL length is quite short and descriptive. However, you may have noticed that some sites neglect the rule and continue making long URLs that never ends.

This is one of the biggest mistakes that can never let your site ranked on the search engine. The key technique in any SEO course is to cut down the URL length and make it short yet precise. This allows the target audience to read the URL and understand the path to the page.

5. Optimize the images

The content without images is too boring. Do you even land on such web pages which have more words and zero images? This is again one of the rules in SEO tutorial w3school, which tells you to optimize the images for the target audience.

Google says that filename of the image tells about the matter to the search engine. This again helps in ranking the website and informs about the matter to the user and search engine.


This post has just covered the basics of SEO that is needed to improve the site’s performance. If you have an urge to grow in the digital marketing, this tutorial will let you step ahead. It tells you more about the techniques that make the site worth clicking. Learn these basics and let your site reach the top rank on the search engine.

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