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Bill Gates Top Lessons To Follow In Digital Content Marketing

Bill Gates: Content Marketing Lessons

The world is shocked and flabbergasted by the sudden news of the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates. No one ever thought that the happy couple, who has been the pinnacle of success in their lives could one day part their ways.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been successfully improving the lives of millions of people worldwide since the past two decades. Bill has not seen the number one spot in the list of the world’s richest people in the recent years. All due to his generous donations and perpetual charitable works.

Since the dawn of Microsoft Corporation Bill gates has maintained the reputation of geeky nerdy guy who is most concerned about his work. He has essentially painted his personality to the world as a Sheldon Cooper of the real world. But now the geek is in the lime light, thanks to his divorce and the news of his extra marital affair with his ex-girlfriend.

Whatever be his personal life, there is no doubt that Bill Gates is a genius beyond limits and someone who predicts the future so accurately, it is often though that he can foresee the future. His predictions from the past have proved to be the guiding paths for many of today’s businesses and entrepreneurs. The tips and ticks suggested by him are to date used by leading brands around the world. 

Back in the year 1996

Bill predicted the rise of digital marketing agencies and search engine optimization services.  He wrote an article titled ‘Content is king’. His predictions included that only through quality content can the maximum amount of money be made from the internet. 

He even pointed out that it is similar to broadcasting. He said that the revolution in the world caused by television, had its span across a vast number of industries. But, the majority of them did not taste success for a long amount of time. The only ones who were successful were the ones that utilized the medium to deliver informational knowledge and to entertain people. 

We have been taught many content marketing lessons by him, some of them are listed below. 

1. Quality

content quality

While marketing your products and services, the content used to advertise them, should be high in quality. Making content valuable is an investment that pays off eventually. Having quality content which describes your product accurately and in detail makes it easier for people to understand the scope and working of your product. It ensures the people that the product will add value to their lives. Do keep in mind the following things

  • The content should also be knowledgeable and informative.
  • The person who is responsible for this should also be experienced and skilled at his/her job.
  • They should know how to write a unique, engaging content.
  • If there is no one on you team to fit this criteria then you should hire one immediately.

2. Creativity

Use Creativity In Content Marketing

Creativity lies at the heart of any marketing campaign. Using the following ideas to market your product will definitely add to the number of your customers.

  • Creative ideas to make your customers feel special
  • Campaigning regularly
  • Going door to door to market your product
  • Designing creative and attractive vouchers
  • Sharing video clips of customers who share their experiences regarding your product

These are some of the creative ideas that can market your product in a way that will have you overwhelmed with customers. .

3. Explore the ideas

content marketing ideas

If you have been trying hard since a long time and still haven’t been able to find the appropriate ideas to market your content, then you should simply read content which has already been published.  Study it thoroughly and try to understand it properly and then derive a new idea from that content. In this way generate a completely new idea and amazing using inspiration from an old one. Many of the world’s top companies do the same.

4. Inbound marketing


content inbound marketing

This is a strategy that utilizes the tools of marketing to attract customers at your site. The different tools are lead generation, hiring a digital strategy agency, using search social media marketing, using the services of a search engine optimization company etc. Content advertising lessons from Microsoft co-founder include this integrated way of marketing to attract many users at your website. Incorporating this in your marketing strategy will definitely give you a boost in the number of customers. 

5. Distribution Strategy

Bill Gates Content Distribution Strategy

One of the content marketing lessons to learn from Bill Gates is distributing the content you write. According to Bill, you should not keep the content with yourself, instead share it as much as you can. You should strategically distribute your content to the target audience. Forming connections with some companies that share your content further in the market is a good idea.

6. Persistence is key

Content persistence

Success doesn’t come overnight, and this is a thing that Bill says he has learned and incorporated in his life and work. . He says that working consistently is key. The case of content marketing is the same.  You should work continuously with full effort to achieve your desired goal. Failure should not disappoint you. If one of your articles fails to bring enough attention to your product, this does not mean that the other posts will also be unsuccessful. keep working hard and never lose hope.

7. Make it Simple

Make Simple Content

According to Bill, the best way to market your product is to present your product in the form of a potential solution to the problems faced by people. The majority of people tend to buy products or services which will solve any of their problems.

All these tools of content marketing are essential to have a successful marketing campaign.  Never forget to be interactive in your blogs.  This forms a connection between you and your customers.

These content marketing lessons by Bill Gates provide the key formulas to excel and grow in the field of content marketing.

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