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Four Top Factors In An Award-Winning Web Design

4 Key factors In Award-Winning Web Design

Getting to know the award-winning web design is a totally different thing from that of implementing the best practices. Phenomenal websites shouldn’t be seen as imitations, they are of no inspiration to promote your personal brand.

Determine what works inside it.

Choose what they made to get your attention.

The most important thing is to understand how to use these contributing factors in a designer website.

You may also be able to improve their strategies to get the best website in the world.

The designer website not only drives user attention but also builds trust and imprints the lasting impression. There are always more aesthetic ways to suggest website design, content display, and digital marketing strategy. The user will feel you have something to offer if you can properly showcase your business.

We’re here to showcase several good website design examples and the factors that contribute to their success. The article will also tell you how these design inspiration sites help the businesses to achieve the goals.

Web Design Ideas And How You Can Achieve That

1. Zillow

The first thing the designer did in creating the web design is a quick call to action. The web design services company used the background by adding ambient and relevant display.

For companies operating by providing web development services or anything else (especially free ones like Zillow), it is preferred to add a quick distance from the interface. When you provide a free service, ease of use and a hassle-free interface are important.

If you often use tool-based websites just like Zillow, you don’t want to get down every time you visit the page. Plus, their entire website exists at the top of the page. Every call to action and unique features are available immediately after entering the home page.

Make sure you use call-to-action on your website frequently and they are clearly visible. They do business and are probably the most important feature of your website. They should be in the center of your website. The best practice is to minimize the number of clicks it takes a customer to complete a desired call to action.

You can also check out a few other best website designs 2020 to know what your website actually needs.

2. JustCoded

It uses user input for a custom interactive display. Minimalist style and navigation. Simple landing page. The designer website doesn’t confuse anyone about the things it offers to the audience.

Can you make any guesses about this company’s offerings?

I bet you get it at a glance.

Businesses love simplicity, and this company has hit the mark. JustCoded is a high-tech company that creates customized platforms and frameworks for other companies.

By creating a customized website, they show their technical ability. They also use the rest of their homepage to showcase their past projects. Not only that, but next to each project they list their respective languages and the tools used.

If you are practicing these skills, you will create the best website just like the best web design 2019.

Next in going down the page, JustCoded uses a carousel that gives you the opportunity to meet their management team in person. Immediately below, they show the big brands they were introduced to, and those they worked with.

Again, for a B2B brand, these are website design ideas of how to build trust for future customers. Connecting with reputable companies has a near-field effect. Similarly, it maintains the business relationships no matter if it is personal or transparent.

3. Grovemade

Demonstrating specific products with sample lifestyle images is a great way to show the desired functionality. Apart from using intrusive pop-ups, they’ve included a pop-up in the corner that doesn’t detract from their site experience, but adds value.

Again, this web design inspiration is one of the best-selling factors. Grovemade, a home accessories company specializing in unique warped wood products, knows how to showcase its products.

Using lifestyle photography and trendy isometric style, they show featured products as a landing page. Each of their product category pages follows a similar pattern. In addition to this, Grovemade uses a clear and consistent product photo that offers multiple angles when hovering over the product.

Focus on the use of pop-ups on their homepage. Discreet, right? This is a great way to get the same value out of your pop-up without scaring your customer. Banners are a great way to achieve the same effect.

Quality photography and in-depth photography will be key to your best website in the world. Ecommerce product photography is king, especially when it comes to e-commerce. People want to know what they are buying and many want to cover every inch. Consider using intuitive and interactive design elements like hover elements to do this.

You can also hire a web designer for making your website designing needs accomplished.

4. Grailed

Call to action and effective navigation. Constantly updated interface, so fun and hot searches are always relevant. The use of new (business-oriented) images makes the front page attractive and fresh.

Grailed is a marketplace for used and new footwear and clothing that attracts many users to its website. You can browse hundreds of brands and sell your products.

Excellent navigation and attractive images are the main advantages of this company. Their business is to bring buyers and sellers to their website to do business, while reducing commissions.

You can take inspiration from this web design by making sure your content stays up to date and is on top of your industry trends. Again, if your business is a service on your website, make sure you are using easy tools for designing the website so that you can achieve the same concept that you have in your mind.

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While this list doesn’t even break the tip of the iceberg when it comes to award-winning website design, it’s a good place to start and get the inspirational flow added in your design. You will do business with your website and it mainly earns for you, so make sure it is clean and user-friendly.

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