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Seven Top Google Analytics Dashboard Features To Track Your Audience

Several marketers around the world find it confusing to build Google Analytics dashboards. Are you also in the same boat?

But what is the matter to think a lot when Google is here to help you in making this process easier?

Google brings the best solution for all the marketers out there. It allows the experts to use pre-built dashboard templates that are really impressive and effective to use.

Google Analytics Dashboard Widget: What’s That?

Dashboard Widget Google Analytics

The Google analytics widget is a user interface for your company’s Web Analytics product. It is a free service that offers basic analytical tools and statistics for search engine optimization and marketing purposes.

Now you know what it actually is. It is time to look at some Google analytics dashboard examples that have been the favorite of everyone around.

Google Analytics Dashboard Examples

Examples For Google Analytics Dashboard

1. Basic Dashboard

This dashboard shows the types of visitors browsing your site. It also focuses on bounce rates and sessions, which allows the experts to get the insights about the sources that are generating quality visitors.

2. Executive Dashboard

In this dashboard, you will notice three types of metrics that allow tracking in Google analytics: acquisition, behavior, and results.

With this dashboard, you can estimate all of these metrics. This dashboard is ideal for executives who wish to see the insights of the overall performance rather than tactical data.

3. Digital Marketing Dashboard

This type of dashboard includes salient statistics about the visitors who reach out to your site. If a SEO services company uses this dashboard, it means it is getting the complete overview of the visitor’s perspective visiting the site.

4. Content Marketing Dashboard

With this Google analytics dashboard, you can simply examine if your web content is effective or not. Also, the dashboard lets you find out the pages that get more views and which are generating optimal conversions.

Not only this, but it also tells which web pages have achieved most bounces. However, you need to update the CTA to get most out of it.

5. SEO Dashboard

The SEO dashboard is quite different from what you think. It is the best for all the experts in SEO company. With the SEO dashboard, you come to know about the current pages, which generate the quality visits. Also, it allows you to prioritize the SEO activities according to your will.

This dashboard lets you explore the entire process of search query, page, and goal completion. Also, the experts can also check out the exact organic search keywords, which are important for driving traffic quality of your website.

6. Social Media Dashboard

This is another type of the Google analytics dashboard for social media. It examines the on-site pages and other off-site social media activities. Using this dashboard, the social media experts can simply know about the social channels that generate quality traffic to your website with minimal to no bounces.

Moreover, social media dashboard also allows the experts to learn if they have to stick to some specific actions or just move on with the new one.

7. eCommerce Dashboard

Last but not least, we have another dashboard for the eCommerce professionals. This dashboard specializes in customer acquisition for online stores or eCommerce sites.

With an eCommerce dashboard, the professional can also examine the purchasing behavior of the mobile views and other referral sources. If in need, you can also figure out the touch points that are important in figuring out the product revenue generated.

So, you have so many options to go with. But obviously each of these dashboards are created for different professionals in digital marketing.

Do you know how to use Google analytics? It is not difficult, but obviously not a piece of cake too.

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional in a SEO services agency, you can still watch out Google analytics dashboard tutorial. It will definitely give you an idea about the correct practices regarding the usage.

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How To Create A Google Analytics Dashboard?

Google Analytics Dashboard Creation

Every professional has to go through the two ways of creating the best dashboard. The one way is to create your own dashboard. If you own Google analytics certification, then you must not have any issue in creating a dashboard for yourself. But a newbie may find some difficulty in the first place.

The second way of creating a dashboard is to use the predefined templates available in Google Analytics.

However, this is what you have to do for creating a custom Google Analytics dashboard:

Land on the page of Google Analytics sign in and create the account. If you already have the account, then simply go to Google Analytics dashboard login.

Once you enter the new page, click on the customization tab and then click dashboards. After this step, you have to click create. Now, select the blank canvas and then rename the dashboard. The final thing you need to do here is click the create dashboard button.

You are all good to go with creating the dashboard. To add Google Analytics Dashboard on my website, I simply go to different other actions that are preferred in performing the task.

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How To Embed Google Analytics Dashboard On My Website?


Embed Google Analytics Dashboard For Website

If you want to embed a dashboard on your website, you have to create a new dashboard using the Google analytics embed API. However, one has to gain enough technical knowledge to perform the job.

Other than this, you can also create a custom dashboard in Databox and embed in the website with just a few clicks. Once the dashboard is created or you have used the templates, you can hover it on the dashboard and click the share dashboard button.

You can also take help from a professional company like TKDigitals. Since it offers great SEO services, definitely it knows the correct techniques of adding the dashboard in the website.


So, did you see the importance of the dashboard in an expert’s life? This is something not everyone is aware of. It is better you get Google analytics certification and get pro in it.

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