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The Anticipation Is Over – The Trailer Of The Most-Watched Show Dexter Is On Air

Dexter is on Air

Dexter is on Air

The wait is finally over for the fans of the Dexter series. The trailer for Season 9 got released just today. The season will get released on 7th Nov 2021 at 9 pm. Dexter has taken over the internet for fans interested in crime and mystery-related web series. 

Michael C. Hall aka. Dexter Morgan plays the role of a serial killer. But this serial killer is not the same as the other crime movies. The main idea of the web series Dexter was to punish those criminals and murderers who escaped the rightful punishment of justice. 

Michael C. Hall premiered a short web series of 10 episodes a month earlier. Michael C. Hall played the role of Jimmy Lindsay in this fictional web series.

The cast consists of Julia Jones, who is the first Native American Chief of Police of Iron Lake. If you don’t want any spoilers then beware of the next thing on this blog!


Julia Jones is one of the main characters in the new season of Dexter. She is playing the major role of romantic add-on for the upcoming web series. 

Jamie Chung features a famous crime podcaster who later on finds herself caught in this mystery. 

According to the previous reports, Jennifer Carpenter, who got killed in the series in 2013. The dead character will make an entry in the upcoming season either through the dreams of Dexter or from the future.

In the upcoming season finale in November, John Lithgow may get his chance and appear although Arthur Michael aka. the killer who got murdered in the previous Season 4 of Dexter.

Michael C.Hall point of View on Season 9:

On Sunday, featuring the FAQ session of new season 9, Michael C. Hall convinced the audience and fans of Dexter. He explained the ending of this season should at least help every fan to understand the beautiful ending.

 Michael stated, This is the chance to revisit the season, And during this process, the ending of this web series will get redefined. Moreover, the legacy of this web series was the only thing that inspired us.

After the ending of season 8, many fans illustrated their favorite moment by drawing on whiteboard animation with the help of whiteboard animation services.

Showtime is the first to release the full trailer for season 9 of Dexter. 

The trailer reveals the lead character Michael Hall aka. Dexter will reunite with the series supporting character Clyde Phillips.

This season will be offering jaw-dropping action and mystery with suspense for ten episodes only. But the directing of these short ten episodes is far more difficult and complicated.

Michael C. Hall stated: 

Many fans and people approached me,  unofficially by many people on the streets, having the best of ideas. I listened to it, But there were only three available best ideas. One can say concepts of what could have been the next storyline for the season. But the characters and directors didn’t feel they were suitable. Hall continues,This new season is a combination of scripts and timing. I only thought that when it would be the right time to do it then it would come by itself and it did.

The season is a wind-up of the whole web series. The trailer created a chill down the spine of fans and made them excited for the show once again.

According to Tk Digitals Blogs, the trailer defines that Dexter moved on to start a new life with Jim Lindsay.

Dark will not perish:

Dexter’s long run for eight seasons as a serial killer of villains escaping justice’s punishment will not vanish like the wind in season 9. Season 9 is under expectation to feature Dexter fighting his dark past.

Now, grab your popcorn, the part that excites everyone. It is in the expectation that previous dead characters in the cast will show up in dreams or anyhow in Dexter’s life in season 9.

Many companies had in mind that it was the final ending of this popular web series. Many created the animation of the whole series in one minute or five minutes. 

Many anticipated the ending of the show:

Whiteboard animation companies tried their best to make an animation out of the previous seasons of Dexter. But 3d animation took the first spot in this race.

Many types of companies like whiteboard animation company, 3d animation company, cartoon animation company, and many more had their ideas for the storyline of Dexter.

Showtime’s Co-President, Gary Levine stated, Dexter is one of the special series, for his fans and also for Showtime. This web series helped us to navigate on the road many years before.

The dead characters of season 8 of Dexter, the likes of John Lithgow aka. Trinity killer, and Jennifer Carpenter aka. Debris Morgan, and the foster sister of Dexter Morgan.

It is not clear how these characters will play their role in the upcoming season. Many are guessing it to be the hallucination of Dexter or will haunt Dexter because of his dark past.

Season 9 Cast:

The cast for season 9 includes the likes of:

  • Alano Miller
  • Johnny Sequoyah
  • Michael Cyril
  • Oscar Wahlberg
  • Jamie Chung


The question of who will be the new villain of the series? The answer to this valid question is Clancy Brown. He will return as the villain of the show.

Clancy Brown played the role of villain in the new season of Dexter. Phillips will;l be continuing the story ahead, who played the role of side character for the first four seasons. 

The show will be premiering this November and will be available on Netflix. Those fans having a subscription to Netflix in November 2021 will be enjoying the show. 

Many fans will be purchasing Netflix’s subscription, and many will be waiting for the free version on different sites compromising the quality and subtitles of the show.

Stay tuned for more revealed news regarding Dexter. If you loved this blog, then do give a glance at more blogs on other web series and movies.

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