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How To Turn Your SEO ROI Into a Measurable Revenue Generator?


One of the biggest challenges professionals are facing is SEO ROI, which can lead to financial losses. In these uncertain times, your executives look forward to hearing new insights and making rapid progress. So, you have to be able to consider the return on investment in SEO and provide innovative answers that can greatly impact your business.

In this article, we will look at SEO issues as a marketing channel and an important way to help you define your company’s financial growth and your SEO ROI efforts.

What Is SEO ROI?

SEO ROI is a timing system that facilitates return and investment in search engine optimization. Companies can calculate return on SEO investment by measuring search engine rankings, website traffic, and completion goals, and then using the SEO ROI method: (Investment Income-Investment Cost) / Cost.

The return of investing in the market answers an important question: do I get more than I invest?

The clients are well aware of the importance of budgeting, which means being able to demonstrate good returns on all investments.

Perhaps, it is easier to invest in some areas than anything else. Historically, SEO has fallen into the “hard to spot” category. You can hire local SEO services or anything to mark yourself safe. 

Downside Of SEO Marketing Channel 

For many companies, search engine optimization still seems to be less or less respected compared to other marketing channels — especially paid search. By spending large sums of money on PPC advertising, it is easy for paid users to use multiple automated tools to pick up and manage paid search services. In addition, a thorough understanding of the ROI rate to the level of search engine optimization helps budget decision making.

However, when it comes to search engine optimization (because most SERP rankings go up in the list), proving to be useful is already a challenge. Because SEO lacks reliable automation tools for managing large-scale events, it is difficult to gauge its return on investment, leading to financial constraints.

Prominent Issues In Measuring SEO ROI

Since Google removed its search data in 2013, SEO ROI experts have found something to calculate returns on investment for search engine optimization. You can find some really important issues that were not addressed before:

1. Google Analytics Organic Search Channel 

One option that SEO experts use is to compare this year’s traffic to last year’s Google Analytics. However, the disadvantage is that you do not know whether the words that drive the traffic are brand marks or genetic words. In other words, revenue growth can come entirely from TV advertising, where nonlinear SEO performance is reduced.

2. Google Search Console 

You can also show examples of the year in the GSC. However, they did not receive any money without a return on investment; article data only shows the area of the top 1,000 topics (and paid search results may have up to 500,000 entry points at a time). Other than this, seek the best PPC consultants for help to know what’s wrong with it. 

3. SEMRush 

SEO ROI subscription platforms are considered expensive, and the data is not reliable. But at the same time, it is a great task to separate lines from non-standard data.

4. Measuring Revenue From Landing Pages 

Another way to calculate SEO ROI is to calculate page landing costs. To complete the process, make sure you create a login page to go further with:

  • Meet search terms
  • Fill in the blanks in the website navigation
  • Improve your unselected rank # 1-5 on Google search engines
  • Compatible with some products

However, it takes a lot of time to create 1,000 powerful pages. But you know best SEM companies have the solution to every problem. 

Tips For Turning The Game Of SEO Marketing 

Analyzing the SEO ROI allows you to understand the impact of SEO. For example, you can show industry decision-makers how SEO generates traffic, leads, and sales, which can lead to continued investment in the plan.

1. Determine The Market Share Growth

Search for your business to grow. Suppose you already have a strong business presence and a large number of loyal customers, but who are willing to buy the product/service you are selling but do not want your customers?

So, go beyond your business boundaries and take advantage of new opportunities in areas you are not yet familiar with.

2. Get Familiar With The Traffic And Revenue 

In Google’s search engine results including conversations, sales, and revenue, there are hundreds of thousands of opportunities to find search terms and phrases. For most of them, Google Keyword Planner will tell you your missing search volume. So, forecasting traffic and accessibility is better than any other tool.

3. Address Keyword Gaps 

When you create a new page to resolve a topic variation, you are providing a halo for that type of product.

Doing this will make your mark:

  • Select the customers that are looking for a product for your brand
  • Be the same with your product type

4. Use The Effective Technology 

You need to create a new landing page to fix the subject differences. By using the best SEO solutions available in the market, you can do this in a variety of ways. Signing an agreement with a well-known service provider will help you:

  • Create hundreds of new landing pages that fit well and find the right product
  • Dynamically combines thousands of landing pages depending on the environment
  • Overtime the work schedule of one project is delayed
  • Find pages that are not working properly and replace them with good keywords without any hassle
  • Optimizes customer engagement outside of your website.


Here are some important ways to transform your SEO career as a way to make money. The right SEO strategy can change the situation for your company, you will get a stable profit in the future.

We’ve included a lot of content here, but it can be said that SEO can generate a lot of qualified tracts and investment for your website.

Fortunately, many marketers have a big misunderstanding of SEO, which means you can use it as a competitive advantage.


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