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What Will Be Expected In Google Page Experience Update On May 2021?

Expected in Google Page Experience update

In May 2021, Google will release a new ranking signal called Page Experience, which includes some of the existing signals with a new batch of Core Web Vitals. As with any algorithm update that is announced, there have been a lot of assumptions ahead of the launch date, and Google periodically provides us with information and news.

This article summarizes the latest news Google core update 2021 regarding the page experience and Core Web Vitals. This will further discuss the recent metric limits that the users are likely to know, and Google will be impacted with this update.

Google Page Experience Update 2021 And Core Web Vitals

Google Page Experience: Core Web Vitals

If there’s any confusion about Google algorithm update 2021 and Core Web Vitals, let’s briefly summarize what’s going on here.

In May 2021, a new ranking factor is coming out in the market, known as the page experience. It will include the other four existing signals along with three new Core Web Vitals. The great news announced by the company is that it will match the other four signals for you so that the core web part can create wonders when the page experience signal comes up.

The new three ranking signals will be:

Loading – It only refers to load time. Google strives to change the way it is measured with a new standard known as Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).

Interactivity – it measures the responsiveness of the interactive elements present on your site’s page (such as links, buttons, etc.). The measurement occurs after a user clicks the element using a new standard known as First Input Delay (FID).

Visual Stability – it is the third signal that detects the movement of each element once they have loaded on the page and any inconsistency caused by the movement. We will perform the measurement using a new standard called Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

Up till now, you must have a strategy for enhancing the load times in organic SEO services. We all know that page speed is quite an old ranking factor, even so, the new Google core update 2021 makes it vital for the sites.

Core Web Vitals is implementing a new dimension of page speed with a more demanding goal to strive for. In the meantime, interactivity and visual stability are totally new signals for website owners to start improving.

Metric Boundaries For Core Web Vitals

The biggest news from Core Web Vitals over the last few weeks is that Google has changed the metric limit for three new signals. Google usually sets strict limits for each signal – for example, 2.5 seconds to get a “good” Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) rating for load time.

Google originally wanted to see load times in 2.5 seconds and all limits for LCP, FID and CLS using the updated Feb 17th to define those limits.

Technically, it makes it easier to optimize individual Core Web Vitals, but what’s important here is that the boundaries make more sense to be what website owners can aspire to.

Now we have to see whether the companies like TKDigitals are ready to maintain these limits? I think such companies are more competent in doing their best. So, let’s give them a chance.

Impact Of Google Algorithm Update 2021

Impact Of Google Page Experience Update

The marketing community including many digital marketing services has a habit of generating hype about any changes, but Google doesn’t expect any sudden surprises from a Google update 2021. In a recent online Search Center chat, Danny Sullivan answered a question about Core Web Vitals’ impact on rankings.

The question asked was: “Do we expect the impact on the metrics to be significant or more subtle?”

Sullivan first replied, “I think if you go back and see how we have this kind of thing [in the past], actually no, okay, then the next day everything will change completely. We have no intention of trying to do this, even if we can say we are starting to use it as a factor. “

He said that announced algorithm updates like the upcoming Google update 2021 didn’t change things overnight. As such, there is no reason to expect an immediate, dramatic impact on search rankings once pages become more user-friendly.

He then also added that the quality of the content is the most important factor: “So, you may not have the best experience with the page … But if you are still the most relevant content, you know the general [ranking] across the various things we look at. I don’t think this is the time to start getting really worried and realizing that we wanted to make sure this happened in a simple way. “

However, he also said the importance of page experience could increase with the passage of time, especially if we create more content for the same keywords and the difference in quality became smaller.

He again said: “But over time what will happen is, as more and more content is coming up in page experience and if you’re in a situation where things are all relatively equal, the things that are more page experience and oriented are likely to start doing better.”

However, he agreed that “over time, it might become more valuable” and we can imagine the impact of the Google 2021 algorithm update on the other things we do for optimization.

Thing To Understand

We all know that Google often comes up with the updates, no matter what the time of the year is. It eventually has a great impact on the overall SEO strategy, which makes things different for us. Even if you hire SEO services, you know the work, strategies, and performance will differ from company to company. Page experience is not just an update, but the change that we all need to understand before it launches. However, the real game begins in May, but let’s see what we have to face by then.


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