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What Is Google Classroom & How It Works?

What is Google Classroom - How it works

Do you know Google has a variety of applications that have different users and purposes? Among these applications is the Google Classroom that is quite popular nowadays.

Although the application became a number one choice of educational institutes, the global pandemic has enabled teachers and students to use applications more often.

Google classroom for PC is definitely the first choice of the teachers and students in the world. No matter where you are, it is the platform which keeps you enrolled in the desired class.

Indeed, not everyone is still aware of this feature. Hence, this article is going to be one of the best reads for many of you. Isn’t it? I am introducing Google’s popular invention in the academic area. So, keep reading this post and find out if you really need the feature in your life.

What Is Google Classroom?

What Google Classroom

It is now the time to introduce you to Google’s another invention in the market. It is all about Google classroom for students.

Basically, Google Classroom for PC is a part of Google, which lets the teachers create a classroom for students where the classes are managed just like the physical one. For instance, the teachers can share the documents and everything that students need.

The documents shared in the Google classroom dashboard are stored and edited in Google Drive. It can support the file formats like .docx, .xlx, .pptx, etc.

However, there is a vast difference between Google Drive and Google Classroom. It is that the teacher and student interface is very different where they can think and work accordingly.

You have to create an account first to reach Google classroom login. If not, then it is impossible to access its features.

Surprising Facts About Google Classroom

Surprising Facts of Google Classroom

Perhaps, the most important question to date is what you can do with Google classroom for PC? What it means to a user, actually?

First, it’s completely free. You don’t need to upgrade to the pro version which will cost you nothing and let your pocket free from huge spending. Indeed, this is the best thing for teachers and students around the globe.

After you have created the account and land on the Google classroom sign-in page, you have to enter the credentials correctly. It will help you in getting there so that you can access all the features. Now comes all the things that a user can do with Google classroom espanol:

1. Announcements and lesson materials

Lesson announcements is one of the things that is only possible with Google classroom. Add course material to announcements. These will appear in your student’s Google Classroom dashboard. This way, students can find everything quickly. You can add content from Google Drive linked with Google Classroom, add files and images from your computer, add YouTube videos, or add other links that you want your students to visit. It’s very simple!

2. Class assignments

As you make announcements in the classroom, you can also make use of the platform to add the assignments to the course. There is no rocket science in using the platform. The only thing that matters is the time limit and value.

By adding the time and value, you are informing the students about the deadline. This limit appears on their calendars as well. Other than this, you can opt for the applications, which are easy for the students to track the assignments.

3. Assignment grading

Once the assignment is submitted on time, you can also grade them and return to the students. Teacher comments are also used to give feedback to students on their performance. After performing these tasks, the students can view the evaluation by the teacher. The “Marks” tab stores performance of all your student assignments and grades.

4. Student management

Do you want your students to share the comments? Obviously that’s mandatory, but you can keep hold of it. You can control permissions by giving students the ability to post and comment, only comment, or only allow teachers to post and comment. You can also send individual emails to avoid any troubles.

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How Google Classroom Works?

Google Classroom Works

You first need Google classroom download to start using the application. Get the feature from Google classroom play store to get most out of it.

1. Sign Up

When you visit classroom.google.com, you can use the platform through Google classroom sign in. It lets you sign in with a G Suite email address, or you can use it without “requesting” it as educational use. So everything is working fine too. It will be more difficult to manage your students if you have hundreds of students. You have to add them one by one.

2. Create the class

Click the “+” button in the upper right corner. Choose “create class”. This is where you enter some detailed information about your class. Write the class name and the good passages. The class name should be the name of your class, so you can find it in a few seconds. Then click “Create”.

You can also let a digital marketing company do the work for you. This way, you can build the impressive classrooms without a hassle.

3. Invite the students

After you create a class, you can invite your students. You can let the social media marketing agency do the job for you so that more students may know about your class.

Let the students subscribe to the classroom using the Google Classroom app. They will have to enter a unique code which you have to provide to them. You will find the code in the class you created. Go to the “students” tab. Another option is to invite your students individually using their email addresses. One thing to remember: your students must have a Gmail or Google email address.

Well, all this can happen in minutes. The companies like TKDigitals are pro in it. Since they know the tactics behind the installation and everything that you know nothing about, they can be given a chance to work for you.

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This is it. I hope you are now aware of the application. It is nothing but a technology that is helping the educational institutes around the globe. Also, find out the tutorials online if you have any problem in setting up the class for the students.

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