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March 11, 2021
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What Is A SEM Campaign & How To Run It Successfully?

How to run SEM campaign successfully

When you expand digital marketing, you will come to know many different marketing techniques whose sole purpose is to generate traffic, leads, and revenue. Among these, you must have heard the name of search engine marketing. Isn’t it?

I believe everyone of us has heard about it. However, only few may know the real concept behind the practice. Well, there is nothing to worry about because a professional becomes a professional after gaining the basic understanding.

Let’s learn from point zero. I will teach you what is a search engine marketing campaign and how a local SEM agency runs the campaign for its clients.

What Is A Search Engine Marketing Campaign?

A SEM campaign is basically a search engine marketing strategy that allows the marketers to rank their business content higher in the search results. We can run the SEM campaign on various search engines and digital platforms such as Google and Facebook.

Over the internet, you might have read some outdated web pages where experts have defined the strategy as search engine optimization scope, as well as the paid ads. If it was the definition that we have to believe today, then launching the SEM campaign would demand for extreme training for the freshies in the industry.

Do you think SEM companies and experts think like that? This is because search engine optimization has become a vast discipline in its own. Definitely, it needs to be differentiated from all other digital marketing strategies that are applied on the sites and businesses.

Indeed, SEO influences SEM, but not completely.

Fortunately, the industry has largely moved away from the old general definition of search engine marketing.

Now let’s talk about the real definition of SEM.

Search engine marketing or SEM is defined by the professionals as “the process or technique applied on the site which tends to drive traffic on the website by purchasing ads on the search engine.”

By reading this definition, it totally indicates about SEM and that is the paid methods.

But we also can’t deny from the fact that digital marketing keeps evolving. You can see the changes that have occurred in the recent years and made SEO and paid search smarter than ever.

How To Run a SEM Campaign?

It was enough to get the background knowledge of search engine marketing. Now is the time to learn the practices leading to the launch of the SEM campaign.

You cannot get an effective paid campaign every time. Either you hire SEM company to perform the job or keep in touch with the platforms where updated tutorials are uploaded from time to time. So’ let’s get into the tricks and tips to successfully run the SEM campaign today.

1. Understand your target audience

target audience for SEM campaign

In a survey conducted by the Marketing Board of Directors, 43% of marketers said personalization increased conversions, which is consistent with Autopilot’s findings that consumers are 4 times more likely to respond to personalized offers.

If you want to know more about the data for personalizing the offer, then here is the list:

  • Region or geographical location
  • Language
  • Devices
  • Active days
  • Active timing
  • Needs and preferences
  • Buyer personas

2. Keyword analysis

SEM campaign Keyword analysis

Finding the right keywords for your business requires the keyword list. You have to think of all the search terms that your potential buyer would search on the search engine. This can be the brand name, product itself, or the behavior that associates with the product features.

Make sure keyword research should be as effective as possible. It is because you have to pick out the keywords that contribute to more conversion rates.

If you are using the branded keywords, you achieve full control over the brand and can describe everything according to your choice. Also, this is the right way to sell the product the way you want.

Indeed, organic listing allows you to practice free advertising, but you don’t get full control. Unlike PPC campaigns, you can also create a personalized message for the buyers that will let them visit your site. It encourages them to land on the page where conversions are higher compared to the regular listings.

After everything you have planned till here, you will want to use Google Keyword Planner for better analysis. After that, you will want to use Google Keyword Planner to validate your keywords. Pay attention to search volumes, offers offered, and level of competition. It also provides suggestions for the keywords according to your expectations.

3. Improve the account structure

SEM account structure for campaign

Google and Bing use the organization and structure of the account as a metric to know the relevance of their SEM campaign. This is very important to your QS and companies rarely spend enough time on it.

Without an effective and structured account, you will see a drop in your return on investment. Make sure the account is created perfectly from the beginning, otherwise you will face trouble later.

4. Get to know keyword grouping

keyword grouping for SEM campaign

A successful campaign consists of five important things i.e. campaigns, ad groups, keywords, text, and landing pages.

SEM campaigns come at the top of the list, followed by the ad group.

Your keywords must match the ad group they belong to, even if the two campaigns are for similar products or services for your business. The ad text must include keywords that are significant to the ad group.

Initial setup may require additional effort, but it’s worth organizing for the long haul because it will improve your quality of service and your ROI.

5. Make your ad copy effective

Ad copy effective for SEM campaign

Effective ad copy to run SEM campaign

This is the last thing that you should pay attention to.

It is not the thing with SEO, but your SEM campaign should be persuasive and attractive by every means.

You should not think way too much about adding things in your ad. This means you have liberty to add anything in the ad, but it must be relevant to your target audience.  

Beyond personalization, you should always try to include your USP in your ad copy. This will attract relevant visitors (earn you money) and repel irrelevant visitors (save you money).


It is not really important to know about SEO. With this knowledge, you can start your ad campaign and get most out of the SEM campaign. I guess this post has unveiled almost everything to you. Are you ready to create the most attractive and promotional ad campaign out of these techniques? Can’t really wait to see how my readers are progressing with the knowledge and practices. A professional SEM agency can help you better with this if you are stuck somewhere in between.

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