Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement ensures the safety and security of clients’ personal information. Our staff collects the information which is essential for the order process. However, we follow strict standards of using the information that restricts us from sharing it with individuals outside the radius or any third party unless the client allows/permits us to do so.

Information Collection collects information from the clients through phone, e-mail, contact us, and order form. These information collection functions are theft-protected as per the policy defined by

We ensure that no information is leaked or disclosed, sold, or shared with any third party services. Additionally, we never ask for complete details at the beginning of the process. Personal information includes name, company’s name, contact information, and billing address.

Along with the necessary details, we also require creative information that is significant to proceed with the order. This includes inspirational ideas, feedback, and complaints about our service. also needs technical information. The details include the browser version, IP address, operating system, and date and time when you visit the site. We also use Google Analytics to collect the necessary information.

Usage of Collected Information

Our professionals interpret your information for understanding your expectations about the service. Also, we comprehend the details to gather the resources needed to complete the process. The billing information is also used to deliver the service to the client without any hassle.

With the e-mail address, we communicate with our clients regarding the ideas/concepts, order status, opinions, delivery, and remarks/comments about the product/service.

For us, this information serves as great importance in creating effective marketing strategies. We use these strategies to build compelling campaigns for engaging more customers to the business.

Privacy of Payments ensures and practices the best privacy terms for payments. We use different payment modes to offer the acceptance facility to the customers. Our payment processor includes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is included in the domain. In this way, the end-to-end billing processes are secured and protected from any theft.

Confidentiality ensures clients’ confidentiality. We never compromise on the security objective and try our level best to keep the sensitive information confidential from any theft or fraud activity.

Your personal information is only used for business processes and establishing communication with you. Therefore, all the provided details are kept and stored in a secure location which is only accessible by the concerned authority.

Amendments has the right to amend the privacy policy with changing security dynamics and concerns.

However, any changes performed during the order process is communicated to the clients and updated on the website for the clients to review.

Conditions of Information Disclosure

We avoid information disclosure in the first place. However, the country law for judicial proceedings, legal procedures, or court orders can bound us to abide by the policy, rules & regulations and perform information disclosure.

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