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Seat Outsourcing

Seat outsourcing is quick solution to lack of resource inside the organization, outsourcing certain tasks will reduce your hurdles in moving towards that ultimate objective that your organization has determined to achieve.

Inbound Marketing
TKD is capable of providing you complete inbound marketing solutions like customer service or educating your customers regarding your new products, services and promotions. Our representatives will explain the frequently asked questions to your customers by providing them with the desired information and will walk them through the complicated procedures as well.
Outbound Marketing
Our sales and marketing experts can devise brilliant sales and tele-marketing strategies for your product and service portfolio that are aligned with your organizational objectives such as creating awareness for your new product or to increase the sales of an existing product or service.
Back Office
TKD can also outsource simple back office tasks such as data processing, procurement and other miscellaneous tasks. TKD makes sure that even the back office tasks are performed by the right people hired on your given KSA's.
Human Capital Management
Recruiting the right person for the job is somewhat of a challenge for every organization out there and especially for those who do not have a HR system setup just yet. TKD provides 3rd party HR services to such organizations by performing the recruitment and selection functions on the behalf of the organization.
Knowledge Process Outsourcing
Diversification is quiet progressing amongst businesses but a lot of these efforts go to waste because of the lack of primary and secondary information that is required. TKD provides KPO solutions where you don't have to lay down your guard in this competitive market and just outsource the knowledge process to the most eligible individual.
Digital Marketing
We have digital marketing experts who can strategize long-term goals for your brands and formulate social media strategies that will maximize the exposure of your brand amongst your target audience. Digital is the future of marketing mediums as it provides certain distinct ways to interact with your audience unlike other conventional mediums.

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